Yorkshire Paintball, airsoft and Outdoor Activity Centre, Escrick Park Estate, Skipwith, Selby, YO8 5SW 01757 289322

Yorkshire Paintball and Airsoft Centre

How many Paintballs will I use in a day?

Probably the most frequently asked question asked. The answer is that it's really up to you. You are in control of the trigger. As a rule though, we would say that to have a really good day, you would use about 100 paintballs per hour.

Can you bring your own food and drink?
Yes, if you like, but we have some great food already in our snack bar which saves you the trouble.

How much are paintballs?
One the day an extra 100 paintballs is £7.50 and a bag of 500 paintballs is £35.00

What is the Minimum / Maximum number of players?
At weekends, for adult paintball, the minumum number of players is 1...just you!!. The maximum number of players is 250.
The minimum number of players for a midweek group is 16 and only the £35 option is available.
The minimum number for Airsoft, Splatmaster and Junior Paintball is 8 players. For Lazerblaster it's 12 players.
The maximum number for Airsoft is 20, Splatmaster 24 and Junior paintball is 100.

Do you have lockers or showers?
We don't have lockers so we recommend players don't bring valuables or keep them locked in your car. We are in the middle of 100 acres of woodland so unfortunately showers are not available.

Do you cancel for bad weather?
In almost 30 years of running, we have never cancelled an event due to bad weather. If it's raining it's just like being in Nam and snow is great for snowball fights if you run out of paint.

Are you the one with the Predator?
Yes, in fact we were the first paintball centre in the UK to put the Predator into a paintball game, that was back in 1992. We also have a number of other monsters including the Storm Trooper, Swamp monster and Killer Clown. Great fun!!

Is Lunch Included?

Lunch isn't included in any of our packages although it can be added. We have a fully stocked snack bar on site offering Hot Dogs, Pizza, cold drinks and a selection of quality coffees, hot chocolate and of course Yorkshire Tea.

How many games do we play?
During an adult paintball event we play between 6 and 8 games. Each game lasts for 20 minutes.

Do you sell smoke grenades?
Yes we do, they are £3.50 each or 3 for £10. These are the 90 second smoke grenades. Only over 18's can buy smoke grenades but at times during the summer months we don't allow their use due to a fire risk.

What clothing is provided?
We supply each player with a camoflage coverall and a set of anti fog goggles.

What should I wear?
We recommend old clothes and sturdy footwear (Boots are ideal but lots of people play in trainers), we also recommed gloves especially during the winter months.

What time do we need to be there and what time does it finish?
The adult paintballs events start at 12pm and finish at 4pm. You should aim to arrive 15 mins before your event starts. Before you are able to play any of our events you will need to attend a safety briefing. If you miss the safety briefing, you may not be able to play. Usually the staff who do the safety briefings are supervising the events, so if you turn up late there may be no one to give you a briefing without holding up the rest of the players who did turn up on time.
I need a Taxi from York, do you know of any?
Yes, we are asked this so often that we have done a deal with a York Taxi firm. If you need a taxi from York, call Streamline Taxis on 01904 656565. Mention that you are playing at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre and get a special deal of.
Car (Up to 4 people) - £20
Bus (Up to 8 people) - £30
Yorkshire Paintball Centre Frequently Asked Questions