Yorkshire Paintball, airsoft and Outdoor Activity Centre, Escrick Park Estate, Skipwith, Selby, YO8 5SW 01757 289322

Yorkshire Paintball and Airsoft Centre

Just some of our Paintball Game Maps

Yorkshire Paintball Centre Bridge Game
The Bridge

The centre piece of the Yorkshire Paintball Centre. Over 100m long and standing 13m high, the YPC bridge is the largest purpose build paintball bridge in the world. We play the standard, two flag game in the bridge field, this is a tribute to the first ever game of paintball, played in the late 1970's in the US. You attack the opposing teams base, steal their flag, and then take it back to your base. The returning flag must be taken over the bridge and back to your base to win. Probably the best paintball field in the UK. Only the best attacking teams win this one!!

Yorkshire Paintball Centre Bunker Game
The Bunker

One of the most difficult games to win during your day, especially if you are on the attacking team. It's an attack and defend game. The defending team starts and must stay around the 10,000sq ft bunker complex. The attacking team must place four bombs at strategic points around the bunker. If the attackers successfully plant the bombs, they win. If the defenders stop the attackers from planting the bombs, then the defenders win. To defend the game, players must spread out evenly around the bunker. For the attackers to win, a co-ordinated flanking move is necessary.

Yorkshire Paintball Centre Bunker Game
Destroy the Radar

The radar game is just as it sounds. Each team starts in their own fort at opposite sides of the game zone. Each fort has a large satelite communications dish which must be protected at all costs. Between the forts, there are hundreds of satelite dishes, ideal for cover. The idea of the game is to infiltrate the opposing teams fort and destroy their communications dish

Yorkshire Paintball Centre Beirut Game

Set in a clearing, Beirut is a challenging open air game zone. A meandering river runs through the centre of the game area, impossible to cross except over the strategically placed bridges. The river is bounded by the shells of bombed out buildings that make the perfect hiding places. High mounds of grass covered earth make the perfect barriers as you make your way up the field. The object of the game is simple. Total wipeout. Your team has to shoot out the whole of the opposing team to win the game. Strategy and patience are what's needed to win this game.

Yorkshire Paintball Centre Go Ballistic Game
Go Ballistic

Played in quite an open part of woodland, the speedball zone is a football pitch sized game area full of pyramids, cubes, boxes and tyres. It's a variation on the flag game. This time there is one flag in the centre of the game area and both teams are after it. The team that takes the flag, then battles sucessfully to the opposing teams side wins. Speedball is just as it sounds, it's a fast paced game where the team with the fastest reflexes wins. This is where you really do need to Go Ballistic.

Yorkshire Paintball Centre Delta Force Game
Delta Force

Attack the embassay like the US Delta Force special forces do. A fiendishly difficult game. The Embassy is one of our newest game zones. In the centre of the game zone is the embassy itself. A large, two story building, surrounded by the ruins of former buildings. The embassy has two entrances, one at your side and one at the oppositions side. The idea of the game is to enter the embassy from your side, collect your flag, escape from the embassy and plant your flag in the opposing teams base. You have to go around the perimeter wall to get to the oppositions territory where you can be ambushed at any time.