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Airsoft Shotgun

Airsoft Shotgun at the Yorkshire Paintball CentreAirsoft Shotgun is a slightly less hard core version of Airsoft Special Forces, the only difference being that each player has a pump action shotgun rather than a fully auto machine gun. Each pump action shotgun has unlimited ammo for the event.

Played in the same game zones as the paintball including the "Airfield" and the worlds biggest paintball bridge. You can use the sights or shoot from the hip, whichever you think will give you the edge.

Airsoft is very similar to paintball but the pellets that you shoot are much smaller, fire faster and have a longer range. They also tend to be more accurate. During the event, players can use as much ammo as they want, you do not have to buy any more. 

The price for this version of Airsoft is £15 per person and lasts for 1hr. All ammo is included, so no more to buy. Shoot as much as you want. The minimum age is school year 7  and the minimum group size is 8 players.


Q. Does it hurt?
A. Not really, it's a bit like being hit with an elastic band. On clothes you hear the pellet rather than feel it, it can sting slightly on bare skin.

Q. What should I wear?
A. Imagine going on a long walk through the woods, wear the same.

Q. How do you know if you are out?
A. You will feel or hear the shot. When you get shot, you just respawn, so you are never out of the game.

Q. Is food available?
A. Yes, absolutely. We have a 5* Food Hygiene Rated snack bar

Yorkshire Paintball and Outdoor Activity Centre. Escrick Park Estate, Bomby Lane, Skipwith, YO8 5SW