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Bazookaball at the Yorkshire Paintball CentreFor players aged school year 5 to Adult.
Bazookaball sessions start at either 10am, 12pm or 2pm and last for 1 hr. Each player is kitted out with a coloured team bib and a a real paintball gun, specially adapted to fire bazookaballs. Then it's off to the briefing room for full instructions and team selection before you are taken to the purpose built game zone. Mums and dads can join in or watch from the side.

Usually you will play 4 team games and an "every player for themselves" game. We break after 30 mins for drinks and a very short rest. Refreshments are available all day and for only £3.50 food can be added to your event meaning that parents can relax and even play themselves.

We keep all groups exclusive so it will just be your party playing. The price for the event is £150 and allows up to 12 players to participate. Additional players are charged at £10 per player thereafter. To book your Bazookaball event, please call us on 01757 289322.

Please ensure that all participants arrive at the designated time, due to the nature of the game, all participants will have a safety briefing, it can disrupt the event if players turn up late, so please arrive in good time.

Bazookaball parties are a great way to get kids off the computer and outside into the fresh air. But it's not just for kids. We find that lots of parents like to join in and the kids think it's incredible to be able to play a game on equal terms with their mum or dad. It's also very popular with hen parties.

This is a more grown up version of Nerf which is very popular. You will use a specailly adapted paintball gun uising high pressure air to fire a golf ball sized foam ball. Bazookaballs fire faster than Nerf darts and so have a much greater range.

We play Bazookaball all year round.

Q. What is the minimum age?
A. School year 5

Q. What should players wear?
A. Imagine you are going for a walk through the woods. Old clothes are best.

Q. Can we have a party afterwards?
A. Yes, absolutely. We can provide a full party with more food than they can eat for only £3.50 per person. This is provided in a private party room.

Q. Does it hurt?
A. Nope, not in any way.

Bazookaball at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre Bazookaball not just for kids

Yorkshire Paintball and Outdoor Activity Centre. Escrick Park Estate, Bomby Lane, Skipwith, YO8 5SW