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Yorkshire Paintball and Outdoor Activity Centre

The Yorkshire Paintball, Airsoft and Outdoor Activity Centre started out in 1988 as a pure Paintballing venue. Since then we have introduced a number of new and exciting outdoor activities. These include Airsoft, Knife and Axe throwing and Battle Zone Archery for players over 12 years and for the kids, we have introduced childrens parties. These start at school year 1 and include Nerf, Laser Tag and Junior Paintball. We aloso host two Airsoft clubs for players with their own kit, Halo Mill Proving Grounds and the 6mm Airsoft Club.

Proving Grounds and 6mm Airsoft Club

If you have your own Airsoft equipment then you are in luck. We host two monthly events, the first is Halo mill Proving Grounds which takes place on the 1st Sunday of each month and the 6mm Airsoft Club that takes place on the 3rd Sunday of each month.
Both events are full day events (Game on starts at 10am and finish at 4pm)
Ideally you will have your own kit, but hire kit is available if needed.

Details of Halo Mill Proving Grounds can be found below

Details of the 6mm Airsoft Club can be found below

Halo Mill Proving Grounds
This is a 6hr rolling Milsim game. There are a number of times objectives to complete during the day, eg. Take the bridge at 12pm. The game never stops, so lasts 6hrs. If you are eliminated, you respawn straight back in. You can play the full 6hrs, or as long as you like. (1st Sunday of every month)

6mm Airsoft Club
This is a traditional Skirmishing event. The first game starts at 10am and the day ends at 4pm. Games can last between 1 and 2 hrs with multiple games during the day.

Paintball Games.

Minimum Age (School Year 7)
Paintball is a challenging and exciting game played in our purpose built and award winning game zones. During your event you will play on the worlds biggest paintball bridge, play “The Airfield” which has a real downed aeroplane in the middle as well as other superb games. We have been hosting great events since 1988 and now use the brand new Paintball 2.0 competition guns and equipment. We have two versions of paintball for you to choose from. They are Classic Paintball and Paintball 90.
Classic Paintball lasts for 4 hours and starts at 12pm. Paintball 90 is a 90 minute event where you will play 3 games. Paintball 90 start times are 10am, 12pm and 2pm.
Classic paintball is aimed at adults who want the ultimate paintball experience. Paintball 90 is a shorter version and is very popular with company days out and birthday parties.

Kids Paintball

For age range (School Year 5,6,7 and 8)
Kids paintball is exactly what it says. We use specially designed pump action paintball shotguns that fire at around 1/3 of the velocity of an adult paintball gun. It’s a 90 min session which includes 300 paintballs per player. We play 3 x 20 minute games during your event, so each player has a massive 100 paintballs per game. We start off with a simple game with a 5m seperator so players can’t get too close to each other. After this first game, we remove the seperator and it’s real paintball game time. We use specially designed goggles for players with smaller heads, each fitted with a chin strap making it virtually impossible to remove your goggles whilst in the game zone. Kids Paintball at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre is a firm favourite. The minimum group size is 8 and it’s £20 per player.

Laser Tag

Minimum age (School Year 5)
Laser Tag has been around for a while, but not until now has it come of age. With bluetooth connectivity comes hive gaming. Your laser tag gun is connected to a central hub. At game on, the game specs are beamed to your gun and its off to battle. At the end of the game, you make your way back to the hub and when you are in range, your data is automatically downloaded. Your score is added to the rest of your teams score by the system and a winning team is announced.
Laser tag is a 90 minute session and is available for ages 10 and above (School year 5). It’s £25 per player with a minumum nuber of 8 players.
Laser Tag is played in the big game maps at YPC, including the worlds biggest paintball bridge.
Shoot your opposition at the speed of light.

Kids Laser Tag

Minimum age (School Year 1)
Lazer Tag is an alternative to paintball and is perfect for younger players. It is played in our purpose built village which has 27 buildings, in around 2 acres of woodland. Each player is armed with a high power infrared firing lazer blaster which can fire up to half a mile. Each player gets 10 lives per game and we usually have time for 4 team games and an every man for themselves game at the end. Laser Tag lasts for 1hr and is £120 for up to 12 players, then £9 per player thereafter.


Minimum Age (School Year 7)
Airsoft Special Forces is the hardcore version of our airsoft events, it is similar to paintball but instead of shooting paint, these realistic looking guns shoot bio degradable plastic pellets. Played in exactly the same game zones as the paintball, airsoft games are based on objectives rather than eliminations. So players re-spawn throughout the games and at the end of the game the team with the most objectives achieved wins. Each player is issued with a fully automatic assault rifle. We include the first 1000 pellets per player which is usually enough for the entire session, but if you do manage to machine gun your way through 1000 rounds, it’s only £5 for another 500. All players are issued with a full face mesh mask which is impossible to steam up keeping everyone safe and comfortable. Airsoft Special Forces is £25 per player (Inc 1000 pellets) and lasts for 1.5 hrs. There is a minimum number of 8 players to participate.

Battle Zone Archery

Minimum Age (School Year 7)
This is brand new and we are one of the first centres in the UK to offer this unique game. You are armed with a real bow and shoot real arrows at each other. Of course the arrows have soft ends which means the game is completely safe and great fun. We divide players into two teams and then it’s “Hunger Games” for real. If you are eliminated (Hit by an arrow), then you enter a dead box. If your team manages to shoot one of the oppositions crystal skulls, then you come back into the game. We play Battle Zone Archery in the woods in our village game zone. Battle Zone Archery sessions last for 1hr and it’s £20 per player. Minimum group size is 8 players.

Nerf Wars

Minimum Age (School Year 3)
Lock and Load!!!. Our Nerf Wars event is the ideal party for anyone over the age of school year 3. Shoot an unlimited supply of soft Nerf Darts at the opposing team in our purpose built Nerf Arena. Nerf Wars last for 1hr and its £120 for up to 12 players, then £9 per player thereafter. We have a number of themed party rooms for you to have an after war party. These are FREE to use and you can even have us supply the party food for you.

Knife and Axe Throwing

Minimum Age (School Year 7)
A brand new event. Imagine you wake up one morning and the world has been taken over by Zombies. Could you survive until after lunch, or would you become lunch. Learn how to take down a Zombie with a Knife and then an Axe. Your score carries through the whole event with a winner being found at the end. The event lasts for 1hr and is overseen by centre staff making it perfectly safe for anyone over the age of 12. It’s £20 per person and the minimum group size is 8. A unique event which every participant will be talking about for months to come.


5* Food Hygiene Rating
Choose from Stone Baked Pizza, Huge American Hot Dogs or Burger from our 5* food hygiene rated kitchen. We have a range of Nescafe coffee’s including Regular, Cappuccino or Latte, Cadburys Hot Chocolate and of course Yorkshire Tea. We also have ice cold soft drinks and snacks available as well as icecream in the summer. At the Yorkshire Paintball airsoft and outdoor activity centre we really do take pride in our food.

Party Food Packages

In a themed party room.
If you are doing one of our Laser, Nerf or Kids Paintball events then we can supply party food for only £3.50 per person. You can also take advantage of one of our private party rooms. Players are given a piece of Stone Baked Pizza and an American Hot Dog as well as drinks, crisps, chocolate biscuits and cakes. The only thing we don’t provide is the birthday cake itself. Make your party simple, relax with a coffee and let us handle the food.

Not just a Paintball Centre

As you can see, the Yorkshire Paintball Centre offes a number of fun and exciting outdoor activities. If you would like any further information on any of our activities, please feel free to give us a call on 01757 289322.

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