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Yorkshire Paintball and Outdoor Activity Centre

The Yorkshire Paintball and Outdoor Activity Centre started out in 1988 as a pure Paintballing venue. Since then we have introduced a number of new and exciting outdoor activities. These include Airsoft, Knife and Axe throwing, Archery, Air Rifle Shooting and Battle Zone Archery for players over 12 years and for the kids, we have introduced childrens parties. These start at school year 1 and include Nerf Wars, Laser Tag and Junior Paintball. We also host two Airsoft clubs for players with their own kit, Halo Mill Proving Grounds and the 6mm Airsoft Club.

Paintball Games

Paintball at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre

Paintball Games are where it all started for the Yorkshire Paintball Centre. The absolute favourite for all Birthdays, Stan and Hen parties, companies and groups of friends simply because you get to shoot your friends in a safe and organised environment. Shoot each other with paint filled paintballs to tag your opponent. Great fun!!
Choose from Classic Paintball (4hrs) or Paintball 90 (90 Mins)
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Kids Paintball Games

Kids Paintball at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre

Paintball for kids. Kids Paintball is played in the same award winning game maps as the adult version because kids love the real paintball game maps. We use specially designed, low powered paintball guns for our kids paintball events. The goggles are fitted with additional safety features to ensure safety. All equipment and paintballs are included in this 90 minute event so you don’t have to worry about cost.
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Gel Ball

Gel Blaster in Yorkshire

Gel Blaster is the latest shooting event to hit the UK. Players are issued with a fully automatic pistol with 800 rounds of water based ammo per game. For ages 8+
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Axe Throwing

Axe throwing between York and Selby

Axe throwing is a superb way to let your hair down and have some great fun. Our fully qualified staff will show you the correct way to throw both Angels and Axes at our unique targets. After a few throws to get your eye in, we then play competitive games. Can you score more points than your friends.
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Archery is the classic outdoor activity. Test your skills on our 10m, 15m and 20m ranges. Our fully qualified instructors are at hand to help you in every way. One of our instructors was the GNAS Under 16’s Northern Counties champion, so you are in good hands.
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Airsoft in Yorkshire

Airsoft is very similar to paintball but the guns are a lot more realistic. The ammo used is much smaller than a paintball, but just as bio degradable so airsoft is environmentally friendly as well as being fun. The fully auto machine gun that each player is given to use is great fun and will absolutely bring a smile to your face. If you have played “Call of Duty” on the PC, then why not give it a go in real life. A new event at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre.
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Kids Nerf Parties

Nerf Wars between York and Selby

Kids Nerf parties are aimed at our younger guests. From age 8 (School year 3) to adult. Play Nerf like never before. The game zone is a woodland village. Capture the flags, shoot the baddies and find the hidden treasure. All players are given specially designed eye protection for ultimate safety. Then to finish the event off, why not have party food in one of our themed party rooms. Kids Nerf parties are very popular, please book early to avoid disappointment.
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Kids Laser Tag

Laser Tag in Yorkshire

Kids Laser Tag can be played by all ages from 6 years old (School Year 1). Each player is armed with a high powered laser blaster to eliminate opponents. No one gets hit with anything but a harmless light beam. Kids Laser Tag is played on one of our purpose built maps. Shoot your opponents and collect the hidden treasure. Party food and rooms available to end the perfect birthday event.
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Air Rifle Shooting

Air rifle shooting between York and Selby

Test your inner marksman skills on our target range using the latest high power air rifles. Each rifle is fitted with a telescopic sight for ultimate accuracy.
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Laser Tag

Adult Laser Tag

Laser Tag is one of our newest events. Grab your camo and your laser gun and it’s off to the future of combat games. Each Laser gun will shoot up to half a mile so you don’t have to do much running around if you are cunning. You can’t outrun the speed of light. Each time you are hit, you lose a life and the system records your score. At the end of each round a Most Valuable Player is found. Unlimited ammo.
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Battle Zone Archery

Battle Zone Archery

Battle Zone Archery is archery but with a twist. You don’t shoot at targets, you shoot at each other so it’s more of a sport than a passtime. We use specially designed bows and arrows to make it possible to actually hunt your friends. Each event is split into matches. When you are hit, you are out of that match, but if one of your team hits a crystal skull, one of your team can re enter the game. Catch an arrow in mid air and you can bring back all of your eliminated team mates. Something a bit different to paintball. Unique to the Yorkshire Paintball Centre.
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Airsoft Skirmish Days

Airsoft Skirmish Days

Airsoft Skirmish Days are aimed at players with all of their own airsoft equipment. We run skirmishing events on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month. On the first Sunday, it’s Halo Mill Proving Grounds and on the 3rd Sunday it’s the YPC 6mm Club. These airsoft events attract huge numbers. It is not uncommon to have 300 players in peak times of the year. Full information on these events can be found on our Facebook page where we make regular updates.
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We are based between York and Selby just off the A19 in Skipwith. Traveling by car, we are in easy reach of York, Selby, Doncaster, Hull and Leeds.
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