Community Paintball Episodes

Community Paintball Episodes

Before the Community Paintball Episodes, paintball had already hit the big screen a couple of times over the last 30 years. “Alls Fair” was a paintball film staring George Segal and Sally Kellerman. It also featured Lou Ferigno of “The Incredible Hulk” fame as the guy who trained the ladies. A quirky film but it did have famous actors in it.

The second big screen outing for paintball was a film called “Paintball”. An absolutely awful film which turned out to be a horror. A group of friends set out playing in the woods when they discover someone is hunting them for real, with real ammo. You can guess the rest, it’s the same story played out over and over by low budget Hollywood wannabes.

The Community Paintball Episodes were a bit different though, they were actually pretty cool. Community was a half hour sitcom from the US. The genre was quite clearly spoof with tongues firmly in cheeks as Pulp Fiction to Spaghetti Westerns were sent up in typical American high school style.

The 23rd episode of “Community” first introduced Greendale Community Colleges annual game of Paintball Assassin. The theme was so popular that it featured in another three episodes in the series.

Inevitably for a spoof, characters played out scenes directly from other films such as Rambo and Die Hard as they over act and lark about. It’s quite amusing.

The last two episodes of the second season featured paintball heavily. The episodes being called “A fistful of paintballs” and “For a few paintballs more”, you can guess exactly how those two episodes played out. Sergio Leone would have been proud.

Towards the end of the sixth series, the “Paintball Assassin” game gets banned by the kill joys so goes underground.

The silliness of the Paintball episodes was made up for by the superb story lines and emotional delivery. Some very famous actors were also involved. The Asian guy from The Hangover, The gun who was going to have sex with John Bennets girlfriend in Ted, Chevvy Chase and the cool guy from the Lost Series. Admit it, you can picture every one of them.

The series was actually about the developing relationships between the students and how they grew as a group over the course of their time at Greendale Community College. In an emotional episode involving the spaghetti western theme, as the excitement of paintball warfare fades away the group are left to deal with the aftermath involving the cleaning of the campus with buckets and water. This clearly was there to symbolise the changing relationships of the group and the nature of growing up and accepting responsibility for their actions. A very clever narrative that really got the audience thinking about their own lives and relationships.

It’s about time paintball made it onto the big screen again.

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