What type of paintball player are you

What Type of Paintball Player Are You?

What type of paintball player are you? Find out by reading below.

The Front Player

The front player, also known as the attacker, is usually the first one to rush into the paintball field and engage with the opposing team. Quite often, they are show offs. They are fearless and aggressive, using their speed and agility to dodge paintballs and take out as many opponents as possible. If you are an adrenaline junkie who enjoys taking risks and being in the middle of the action, you might be a front player.

The Mid Player

The mid player is a versatile player who can play both attack and defence. They are often responsible for providing cover fire for their teammates while moving up the field and can switch roles as needed based on the situation. They are generally good communicators and are usually the ones who achieve the objective after everyone else has been shot. If you are a steady player who is comfortable playing multiple roles and adapting to changing situations, you might be a mid player.

The Back Player

Paintballer covered in paint

The back player, also known as the defender, is responsible for providing cover fire and protecting their team’s flag or base. These are usually girls who hide in the base and scream when they get shot at. They have a strategic position at the rear of the field and use their accuracy and long-range shooting skills to take out opponents from a distance, or just scream when they think they are being shot at. If you are a patient and strategic player who enjoys taking a more defensive approach to the game and you tend to scream a lot, you might be a back player.

The Paintball Sniper

The sniper is a specialized type of player who excels at long range shooting and precision aiming. Snipers usually have no friends so have to go off on their own. They are patient and strategic, waiting for the right opportunity to take out opponents from a hidden position. If you have excellent aim, have no friends, think you can win the war by yourself and enjoy taking a more calculated and strategic approach to the game, you might be a sniper.

The Support Player

The support player is responsible for providing their teammates with ammunition, paintballs, and other necessary equipment. This person is usually referred to as “Mum” They also provide cover fire and help coordinate team strategy. If you enjoy working behind the scenes, holding the coats and playing a supportive role on the team, you might be a support player.

The stood on the side line covered in paint player

This player is usually the mad nutter who runs straight from the “Game On” whistle. They have seen too many Rambo films and think that they will never get shot. They take the most outrageous chances that never seem to pay off. If you spend most of the game re spawning or watching from the side, then you probably are a “Side Line Covered in Paint Player”

The thing is though, whatever player you are or think you are, it really doesn’t matter. Paintball is such good fun that you will have a fantastic time. And if you do get shot, never mind, that’s what it’s all about. For a really great day out paintballing, just give us a call on 01757 289322 or make things really easy and book online.

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