Airfield map at Yorkshire Paintball Centre


We are the only paintball centre in Yorkshire to have a real crashed aeroplane in one of our game maps. The airfield is a very tecnical field to play and is one of our biggest maps. Will you be able to rescue the pilot and navigate him safely back to your base.

This map is one of the favourit maps with our paintball players. We usually play this game first as there is plenty of space to hide in. From time to time we will throw in the odd smoke grenade to make the game even more realistic.

We have just added some trenches to the airfield map, these have completely changed the dynamic of the game play offering some incredible cover. If you have played this map before, get ready for some major changes. More places to hide, better cover and more chances to shoot the enemy.

The airfield map at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre is an intense game. Fighting over a real aeroplane that has crash landed gives this map great realism. Careful though, the enemy could be hiding anywhere.

You will play this map not only with our paintball games. You will also play the airfield if you play Airsoft, the YPC Walkon paintball games or the Airsoft Proving Grounds.

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