Airsoft Games at Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park | Leeds, York, Selby

Welcome to the Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park, the premier destination for Airsoft games in Leeds, York, and Selby. We are dedicated to providing safe, fun, and exciting Airsoft experiences for participants aged 12 and up.

Event Details

Price: £30 per participant.
Start Times: 10:00AM, 12:00PM or 14:00PM.
Duration: 1.5 Hours (90 Minutes).
Age: 12 + Years.
Minimum Group Size: 10+ Players.

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Exciting Airsoft Events

Are you planning a unique and memorable experience for a stag do, birthday party, or just a day out with friends or family? Our Airsoft games at the Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park are the perfect choice. Our experienced staff will ensure that you have a safe and fun experience. We have a wide range of Airsoft guns and accessories, and our playing fields can accommodate all skill levels.

Airsoft player firing a BB

Fun and Safe Airsoft Games

Our Airsoft games are designed to be energetic, fast-paced, and engaging, providing an unforgettable experience for players. Book your next Airsoft event at Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park and give yourself an exciting and safe experience you’ll never forget!

What to Expect from Airsoft Games?

Airsoft at Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park is an enjoyable and exciting event. It is very similar to Paintball, but these extremely realistic-looking guns fire bio-degradable plastic pellets instead of shooting paint. These pellets travel around 350 feet per second, about 240 miles per hour. Airsoft games are based on objectives rather than eliminations. Players will respawn throughout the individual games, and at the end of the game, the team who have achieved the most goals will win. This is important as airsoft pellets do not leave a splat, so the game is honour-based. Having unlimited respawns and objectives to achieve this cuts right down on cheating.

What is Included in the Airsoft Package?

The £30 per participant includes entry to Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park and all equipment needed to play the game including:

  • Fully Automatic Assault Rifle [M4 Machine Gun or AK Style.
  • 1000 Airsoft BB Pellets per participant.
  • Full Face Anti-Fog Thermal Mask
  • Camouflage Coveralls

It’s unlikely that you will need to buy more ammo. However, you can buy more on the day of your event. It is £10 for another 1000 pellets. These can be shared between your group unless you are going mad.

Airsoft player on the airfield

Arrival Time

It is essential that everyone arrives around 30 minutes before the start time. It is crucial that you are present for the safety briefing because if this is missed, you will not be allowed to participate on the day. Additionally, being on time means we can start on time, and all games will be full-length.

How do the Airsoft games work?

Usually, you will play three airsoft team games during your event, with each round lasting for 20 mins. Games are objective based rather than elimination based. This means that you respawn throughout the game, and it’s up to your team to achieve goals. We break between each round for drinks and a concise rest. Refreshments are available all day. In between each game, we come back to the base area so that we can reload, grab a quick drink and tell each other how good we were.

Book Your Airsoft Event

You can book your Airsoft event online or call our friendly team on 01757 289322. Click here If you would like to book airsoft online

Group of airsofters

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I bring my own Airsoft gun?
A. You are allowed to bring and use your own gun, as long as it passes our strict velocity rules. The basis for the velocity rules is 350fps with a .20g bb. If you are using heavier weighted bb’s, then you will be chrono’s accordingly.
If you have your own equipment, you may be interested in our monthly Airsoft event, ‘Halo Mill Proving Grounds‘.

This event is held on the first Sunday of every month and you can expect to be on the battlefield with between 100 and 300 participants each month. (You can also hire an M4 Airsoft rifle and all necessary kit for only £15).

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