Axe Throwing Form

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Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park treats the health and safety of all our participants as a priority. However, as with any sport or
leisure activity there are hazards associated with Axe Throwing and in consequence it is important for the safety of everyone
taking part that each participant is acquainted with those hazards and individually takes all relevant action to minimises those
hazards as much as possible.

In consideration of being allowed to participate in Axe Throwing at the Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park.
I understand that:
1) Axe Throwing is physically and mentally intense and may require extreme exertion to participate.
2) The possibility of injury to myself and others exists.
3) The consumption of alcohol both before and during the Axe Throwing event is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
4) There is a possibility that members of staff may stop your participation if they consider you a danger to yourself or others.
5) I am never to point an axe or knife at any other participant or member of satff.
6) I must remove all loose jewelry including long ear rings and tie back long hair.
7) No axes / angels / knives are allowed outside of the throwing bays under any circumstances
8) No physical contact is allowed between participants.
9) Cars are parked in the car park at owners own risk.
10) The Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park will not accept responsibility for valuables lost on site.
11) At certain times of the year, wasps and biting insects may be present both in the throwing lanes as well as the safe / viewing area.
12) All food on site may contain nuts or other allergens.
13) Closed toe footwear must be worn at all times.
14) I will at all times follow the directions of the instructor.
15) If I am, or appear to be under the influence of alcohol or any other substances, I will be refused admission and will be excluded from the activity without any entitlement to a refund.

I confirm and agree that:
1) I am physically fit and mentally able to take the strain and exertion involved in Axe Throwing.
2) I have no medical condition that would prevent me from participating in Axe Throwing safely. Please make the game manager aware if you use an inhaler or any other medical aid.
3) I am fully aware of the risk to myself and others involved in Axe Throwing and that I will never under any circumstances deliberately point or throw an axe / angel or knife at anyone.
4) I will never take an axe / angel or knife out of the throwing lanes.
5) I will comply with the venue rules and use equipment as instructed as to not injure myself or others.
6) I will obey all instructions from the events manager/events staff at all times.
7) I will stop participating if the instructor thinks that I am a danger to myself or others.
8) I will pay any charges incurred before leaving the site.
9) Any photo's or video taken of me or any of my group by venue staff are the property of Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park. If you do not want pictures taken, please notify a member of staff prior to commencement of your event.
10 If I have any present food allergies, I have checked the Allergen sheet and waive Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park of any responsibility.
11) I confirm that I am 12 years of age or over (Or school year 7)
12) Breaking of and of the above rules will result in me being excluded from the activity without any entitlement to a refund.

I have carefully read and fully understood this agreement. I am aware that by signing this agreement I acknowledge and accept
the inherent risk of injury that axe throwing entails and I waive any claim that may result from my participation in axe throwing. I
have listened to and understand the safety briefing. I confirm that I am Legally Competent to sign this document.

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