Battle Zone Archery in Yorkshire

Battlezone Archery

Minimum Age (School Year 7)
This is brand new and we are one of the first centres in the UK to offer this unique game. You are armed with a real bow and shoot real arrows at each other. Of course the arrows have soft ends which means the game is completely safe and great fun. We divide players into two teams and then it’s “Hunger Games” for real. If you are eliminated (Hit by an arrow), then you enter a dead box. If your team manages to shoot one of the oppositions crystal skulls, then you come back into the game. We play Battle Zone Archery in the woods in our village game zone. Battle Zone Archery sessions last for 1hr

Price – £25 per player. minimum group size is 8 players.

How does Battle Zone Archery Work?

Battlezone Archery. How does it work

You will play three matches during your 1hr session. If you are hit, you must enter the dead box until one of your team knocks one of the oppositions crystal skulls from it’s pedestal. Then your team can bring one player back into the game. If you manage to catch an arrow in mid flight, you can bring all elimenated players from your team back into the game.

We keep all groups exclusive so it will just be your party playing. The minimum group size is 8 players, up to a maximum of 16 players. Battle Zone Archery is ideal for birthdays, stag or hen parties, or just for having a great day out with your mates for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It’s also very new so it’s something you may have not done before.

Make a day of it!

Battlezone Archery. Make a day of it.

Because of the duration of Battle Zone Archery, why not combine your event with another. We often have groups doing two or three additional activities. Including Paintball and Airsoft.

Please ensure that all participants arrive at the designated time, due to the nature of the game, all participants will have a safety briefing, it can disrupt the event if players turn up late, so please arrive in good time.

Q. Does it Hurt?
A. Not in any way, imagine being hit by a tennis ball.

Q. Do we get face protection?
A. Yes, all Battle Zone Archery players are issued with a protective face mask. It’s a bit like a fencing mask. The same as we use in Airsoft.

Q. Do I need to be strong to pull the bow?
A. No, the bows are fairy low poundage meaning that even a 12 year old can use them.

Q. What should I wear?
A. Imagine you were going for a long walk in the woods, Battle Zone Archery will not get you dirty but wear old clothing..

Q. Is food available?
A. Yes, we have a snack bar on site with great food. We also have a 5* food hygiene rating from Selby District Council.

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