Community Paintball Episodes

Community Paintball Episodes Community, the beloved sitcom created by Dan Harmon, is well-known for its creativity, humour, and unique episodes. Among its many memorable moments, the paintball episodes stand out as fan favourites. Join us as we dive into the exciting world of Community’s paintball adventures, exploring the technical specifications and reliving the fun-filled chaos! […]

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Community Paintball Episodes

Childrens Paintball

Childrens Paintball. What’s the minimum age? Paintball has always been an adult sport or pastime. But over the last few years, there have been a number of innovations to the paintball equipment and the paintballs themselves meaning that we can now offer children’s paintball. New Children’s paintball equipment. When you as a parent were young

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Kids Paintball

Crimbogeddon 2019

Crimbogeddon is the Yorkshire Paintball Centres annual Christmas walkon event. Players who have their own equipment compete against each other in two teams for nothing other than fun. All players must have their own paintball equipment which includes goggles and paintball gun. We use the 1989 club rules for guns. That is 280 feet per

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