Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing in York at Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park offers an exhilarating experience for participants aged 12 and up. Unleash your inner Viking with a one-hour session of thrilling axe throwing games, guided by experienced staff in a purpose-built arena that accommodates all skill levels. For just £20 per participant, you can enjoy energetic, fast-paced games.

Safety is paramount, with professional-grade targets and a wide range of axes. The arena also offers quality food and drinks from an on-site Café with a 5-star Food Hygiene Rating. Whether you’re a beginner or an axe-throwing enthusiast, this unique activity, rooted in ancient traditions and embraced by modern communities, promises an unforgettable adventure in Leeds, York, and Selby.

Join Axe Throwing Leagues

Join Axe Throwing Leagues for a thrilling experience. Discover the rich history, techniques, and benefits of this ancient sport. Find local leagues, training tips, and safety precautions. Embrace your inner Viking.

Axe Throwing Set-Up Guide

Discover the exciting world of axe throwing with our comprehensive set-up guide. From choosing the right location to safety protocols and skill development, we’ve got you covered. Join us for a thrilling and secure adventure in Yorkshire!

Best Axe Throwing Kits

Best Axe Throwing Kits – Explore the vibrant world of axe throwing in Yorkshire. Discover traditions, safety protocols, and the latest technology. Unleash your inner champion.

Axe Throwing Safety Equipment

Discover the importance of Axe Throwing Safety Equipment for a secure and exhilarating experience. From helmets to gloves and safety glasses, equip yourself with the necessary gear.

Buy Axe Throwing Gear

Looking to buy axe throwing gear? Explore the types of gear available, choose the right throwing axe, target board, and protective gear. Find out where to buy and consider important factors for a successful axe throwing experience. Don’t forget about maintenance and safety protocols. Join the exciting world of axe throwing today!

Axe Throwing Tutorial

Unleash your inner lumberjack with our comprehensive Axe Throw Tutorial. From choosing the right axe to mastering advanced techniques, we’ve got you covered. Discover the skills, techniques, and thrills that await you in the world of axe throwing. Join us on this exciting journey today!

Axe Throwing Tutorial

Axe Throwing Stances

Discover the various stances that can elevate your axe throwing skills to new heights. Learn about the importance of stances in enhancing accuracy, maximizing power, and ensuring safety. Explore basic and advanced stances, along with tips for perfecting your technique. Avoid common mistakes and follow safety considerations for a thrilling yet secure experience.

Axe Throwing Stances

Axe Grip Variations

Discover the world of axe throwing with Axe Grip Variations. From traditional to one-handed grips, learn how different grips can enhance your skill and accuracy in this thrilling activity. Join us in exploring the dynamic world of axe throwing in Yorkshire.

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