Kids Paintball

Kids paintball games are a combination of fun, excercise and above all safety. The best kids birthday party ever.

Each player is armed with a pump action paintball shotgun and 100 paintballs per game (3 games).

Our kids paintball is played on exactly the same award winning maps as out adult paintball games, so kids will play on the Worlds Biggest Paintball Bridge and on the awesome airfield with a real crashed aeroplane.

After the event, why not relax and allow us to provide the party food in one of our Zombie themed party rooms while you relax with a nice cup of tea.

Paintball games for kids are a perfect way to get them off their computers and out in the fresh air for some fun and excercise.

Top 8 Paintball Gun Upgrades

It’s true that we can play paintball with any gun, no matter what the quality and have a great time. It’s paintball after all. But what about when you get serious and want to improve the performance of your paintball gun. What are the top paintball gun upgrades? 1) Paintball Gun Upgrades for Greater Accuracy

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Paintball Gun Upgrades

High Tech Paintball Equipment

You may think that paintball is just a game you play on your mate’s birthday or stag do, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a whole world of paintball, and some of it uses high-tech paintball equipment. Want to know more? Then read on. The Evolution of Paintball Guns Electronic Paintball

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High Tech Paintball Equipment

How are paintballs made?

There is a bit more to making paintballs than you would first think. It’s easier to make a paintball gun than to make a paintball. This was something the first manufacturers of paintball guns came to find out quite quickly. They made the gun, but how on earth do you make the paintballs? So next

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How are Paintballs made

How young is too young? Your guide to the Minimum age for paintball in the UK

Paintball is an incredible outdoor activity for all ages, but what is the minimum age for paintball in the UK and what are the alternatives to Paintball if your kids are too young to play paintball? Can 6-year-olds do paintball? No, 6-year-olds cannot play paintball in the UK. They are too young. Even the kid’s

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Kids Paintball Ages
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