Gelball Parental Consent Form

GDPR Consent and Opt In. From time to time we may send you details of special offers or free places via electronic means. We require your specific consent to do that. If you do not want any correspondence from Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park, then please do not fill in your email address, if you do, then fill in your email address. We will never share or sell this information to a third party.

I understand that I have agreed to allow my child to participate in the gelball event entirely at their own risk (recognising that there are hazards in the woods: fallen trees, sharp objects, trip hazards, holes, insects etc. and that gelballs can sometimes bruise or break the skin). I, on behalf of the player mentioned above, confirm that Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park, shall not be liable for any damage, cost or expense arising from his/her attendance at the gelball event, except in the respect of death or personal injury resulting from any omission or act of negligence.

All players will be given instruction on the game & site rules, use of the gelball equipment and safety procedures. These rules are to ensure safe play and to maximise the enjoyment of all those taking part. I understand that faliure to follow these rules may disqualify this individual or their group from continuing to participate in the game. Refunds will not be issued in such circumstances.

I confirm and agree that the above mentioned participant understands that he/she must not remove their safety goggles anywhere outside the safe zone unless specifically instructed to do so by a member of staff. Only gelballs supplied by the Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park on the day of the event can be used.

I confirm that I believe my child to be physically fit and mentally able to participate in the games and recognise that the game may require a high level of exertion. Please declare to the game manager any illness such as asthma, heart disease etc as these conditions may be agravated by participation in gelball games. I understand that ALL food on site may contain nuts or other allergens.

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