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Laser Tag in York at Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park | Leeds, York, Selby

Welcome to the Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park, the premier destination for Adult Laser Tag in Leeds, York, and Selby. We are dedicated to providing safe, fun, and exciting Laser Tag experiences for participants aged 12 and up.

Event Details

Price: £25.00 per participant.
Start Times: 10:00AM, 12:00PM or 14:00PM.
Duration: 1.5 Hours (90 Minutes).
Age: 12 + Years.
Minimum Group Size: 10+ Players

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Exciting Laser Tag Events

Are you planning a unique and memorable experience for a stag do, birthday party, or just a day out with friends and family? Our Laser Tag events at the Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park are the perfect choice. Our experienced staff will ensure that you have a safe and fun experience. We have a range of laser tag guns, and our purpose-built laser tag arena is set in an immersive woodland environment that creates an exciting battle zone.

Fun and Safe Laser Tag Games

Our Laser Tag games are designed to be energetic, fast-paced, and engaging, providing an unforgettable experience for players. Book your next Laser Tag event at Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park and give yourself an exciting and safe experience you’ll never forget!

What to Expect from Laser Tag Games?

Laser Tag at Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park is a fantastic choice for beginners, families, friends, and large groups. In this session, you will participate in exciting activities in our purpose-built laser tag arena. After an essential safety briefing, it’s into the battle zone to light up some targets. Our unique target range is designed to encourage precision shooting.

Adult laser tag by the aeroplane

Minimum age for Adult Laser Tag (School Year 5)

Laser Tag has been around for a while, but not until now has it come of age. With Bluetooth connectivity comes hive gaming. Your laser tag gun is connected to a central hub. At game on, the game specs are beamed to your gun and its off to battle. At the end of the game, you make your way back to the hub and when you are in range, your data is automatically downloaded. Your score is added to the rest of your teams score by the system and a winning team is announced.

Adult Laser tag is a 90 minute session and is available for ages 10 and above (School year 5). It’s £25 per player with a minumum nuber of 8 players.
Laser Tag is played in the big game maps at YPC, including the worlds biggest paintball bridge.
Shoot your opposition at the speed of light.

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Adult Laser Tag Timings

Laser Tag sessions start at 10am, 12pm or 2pm and last for 90 minutes. Each player is issued with a camo coverall and a high powered gun. There is no need for goggles in this event.

What is Included in the Laser Tag Package?

The £25 per participant includes entry to Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park and all equipment needed to play the game including:

  • High Powered Laser Tag Gun
  • Camo Coverall
Adult laser tag gun

Arrival Time

It is important that everyone arrives at least 15 – 30 minutes before the start time so that we can start at the right time. At the beginning of the event, there will be a short safety briefing that every participant must attend. Being on time ensures that you will get the full 90 minutes of laser tag.

Booking Your Laser Tag Event

You can book your Laser Tag event online or call our friendly team on 01757 289322.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Laser Tag safe?
A. Absolutely. Safety is our number one priority. You will be guided by your instructor in proper shooting technique and the purpose-built laser tag arena is designed to maximise safety. All instructors at the Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park are trained and qualified.

Q. What are the age restrictions?
A. The minimum age is 10 years old. There is no upper age limit because Laser Tag is not a particularly strenuous sport.

Q. Are spectators welcome?
A. Yes. The laser tag arena has lots of seating viewing space to watch.

Q. What shall I wear?
A. Comfortable clothing is recommended for Laser Tag. Closed-toed shoes are required.

Q. Can I have food afterwards?
A. Yes. We offer high quality hot and cold food & drinks from our on-site Café which has consistently achieved a 5-star Food Hygiene Rating year after year.

Fresh air and fun

Group playing adult laser tag

Adult Laser Tag events are a great way to let off steam in a woodland environment. Played in the same game zones as the paintball events, you will play on the world’s biggest paintball bridge. Other maps include the airfield with a real downed plane in the centre and our 10,000 sq ft bunker complex. It’s paintball without the paintballs. The gun shoots at the speed of light, is very accurate and crucially, does not fire a projectile, meaning there is no chance of impact and no need for goggles.

We play adult Laser Tag all year round. Please make sure that all players arrive in good time. Due to the nature of the game, all participants will have a safety briefing before play. It can disrupt the event if players turn up late.

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5 ways to improve your chances of winning at adult laser tag.

Be aware of your surroundings: Take note of the game map’s layout, obstacles, and hiding spots. This will help you avoid getting hit by opponents and give you an advantage in targeting them.

Keep moving: Don’t stay in one place for too long. Keep moving around the map, changing positions and angles to keep opponents guessing and make yourself a more difficult target.

Work as a team: If you’re playing, communicate with your teammates to take down opponents. Share information about opponent locations and coordinate your movements to flank and ambush them.

Use cover strategically: Use the map’s obstacles and barriers to your advantage. Cover behind them to avoid getting hit, and use them as a shield while you aim at opponents.

Aim for the sensors: The sensors on your opponents’ guns are their weak points, so aim carefully at them. This will increase your chances of hitting them and scoring points for your team.

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