Nerf Wars childrens parties.

Nerf Wars

You may have played Nerf Wars before, maybe in your front room or your back garden, but never like this. Our unique purpose built game zones will give your child the ultimate adventure and the best birthday party ever. We two nerf maps. The first is a village complete with stream and bridges. The second, we call the 5 towers due to it… 5 towers. Play Nerf on a multi level map. Nerf wars uses a nerf gun and foam darts as projectiles. Teams have to achieve objectives and shoot out the opposition at the same time. Each player is issued with a specially adapted set of goggles which have a mesh lens for safety.

Price – £120 for up to 12 players. Then £9 for each additional player.


Nerf Wars Parties at the Yorkshire Paintball Centre are for players aged school year 3 and above. Nerf Wars sessions start at 10am, 12pm or 2pm and last for 1hr. Each player is kitted out with a coloured team bib and a Nerf Blaster and a set of specially adapted goggles with mesh lens.

Then it’s off to the briefing room for full instructions and team selection before you are taken to the purpose built game zone. Mums and dads can join in or watch from the side. Many relax in our base area drinking coffee and chatting. The easiest party you will ever organise!!

Nerf Wars Party Food

Usually you will play 4 team games and an every player for themselves game. Refreshments are available all day and for only £3.50 food can be added to your event meaning that mums can relax and even play themselves. We keep all groups exclusive so it will just be your party playing. If you do take up our food offer, you will also be given a private themed party room.

Please ensure that all participants arrive at the designated time, due to the nature of the game, all participants will have a safety briefing, it can disrupt the event if players turn up late, so please arrive in good time. We also supply glossy party invitations to make life even easier.

Due to the high demand of our Nerf Parties, we don’t offer online booking. To book your Nerf Party, please call us on 01757 289322. We also recommend booking very early to avoid disappointment.

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