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Paintball Leeds

Paintball Leeds is an exciting and adrenaline-fuelled sport that has been popular since we started in 1988. In Leeds, there are no venues to choose from. The closest quality paintball venue is just south of York. The Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park stands out as one of the best places to play paintball in the UK.

“I was blown away by the brilliant level of customer care at Yorkshire Paintball. I’ve been to a couple of parties with my children here and they have always been really good but today they really excelled themselves when my 13 year old wanted to try proper paintballing for the first time. They really looked after him, gave him loads of information and helped him join in with a big group of adults. He loved it and can’t wait to come back. Also thank you to the regular paintballers who let him join their team and took him under their wing. Fantastic!”
Sara HW

The Best Venue for Paintball in Leeds: The Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park

Worlds Biggest Paintball Bridge - Leeds
Worlds Biggest Paintball Bridge

The Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park is one of the best paintball venues in the North of the UK and provides a unique and exciting paintball experience for players of all levels. We offer multiple game maps, each designed to challenge players differently. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you’ll find the perfect field to suit your skills and preferences at The Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park.

In addition to the fields, The Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park provides high-quality paintball equipment, including guns, masks, and clothing. All the equipment is well maintained and regularly checked for safety, so you can focus on having a great time on the field. We are confident that we offer the best paintball experience in Leeds. All of our marshals are UKPSF-trained and qualified.

We have the best paintball facilities in Yorkshire. Our indoor base area can easily seat 300 players in comfort. Great for in-between games. Out in the game maps, we have the largest purpose-built bridge in the world. We are a real crashed aeroplane as well as a 10,000-square-foot bunker. Plus, lots more.

Here is our first ever paintball video from around 1991.

“Had my son’s birthday party here this weekend. The staff were really helpful and nothing was to much bother. A super time had by all, so much so that in the car on the way home we got asked if he could have his party there next time too!!”
Kirstie Hobson

The Best Paintball Packages at The Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park

Real crashed aeroplane
Real Crashed Aeroplane

The Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park offers a range of paintball packages to suit the needs and budgets of players of all levels. Whether planning a birthday party, a paintball stag do, a corporate event, or just a day out with friends, you’ll find the perfect package for your group at The Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park.

From beginner packages with all the necessary equipment to advanced packages with upgraded equipment and a higher number of paintballs, there’s something for everyone at The Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park. There is also an option to add food and drinks and additional activities such as kayaking and archery. You can make your paintball experience even more memorable. If you want to play paintball in Leeds, please get in touch.

We have two options for paintball and a further Kids paintball event.
Classic Paintball is £15 per player and includes all equipment and 100 paintballs.
Paintball 90 is £25 per player. We play three games, and 100 paintballs per game are included.
Kids paintball is £22.50 per player, including 100 paintballs for each game.

shaun bruceshaun bruce
13:43 26 Nov 23
Lucas SherryLucas Sherry
13:42 26 Nov 23
Poppy DevanneyPoppy Devanney
21:24 25 Nov 23
Absolutely amazing experience today!! Can not fault one line of it, Angie and clarky were phenomenal mentors, will definitely be coming again. Thank you to all the team for today it was spectacular
Ducky FeathersDucky Feathers
18:04 23 Nov 23
andrew mckennaandrew mckenna
09:24 07 Nov 23
What an experience had a great day here Andy and the team could not be more welcoming and attentive helped us out through out the day. And it was my sons birthday and they looked after him with giving him a nice suit to wear what a day highly recommended we will definitely be coming back!!! 😀😀😀
Shauni PotterShauni Potter
17:38 28 Oct 23
Absolutely brilliant day!! Had a VIP day with 10 of us for our birthdays. Had a couple of problems with some people that turned up later and the Marshalls sorted it straight away and rewarded us with free upgraded guns and free paint balls and a smoke grenade. Thank you to Emily for everything today. Highly recommend! Thank you so much everyone!
Hayley WilderspinHayley Wilderspin
16:14 28 Oct 23
Absolutely amazing time today (27/10/23) with a group of 10, couldn’t have been looked after better, staff are incredible and set out the rules clearly. We will absolutely be back many many times!! Emily and Clarkey boy were especially attentive, couldn’t do enough for us and we can’t thank them enough!!!
Kian MarioKian Mario
10:57 04 Oct 23
Rachel Fox-AllenRachel Fox-Allen
19:27 26 Sep 23
Really great day out. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Tried paintball and loved it. Went back to try air rifle. Loved how patient they were in helping me work out how to adapt to being right handed but left eyed. Can't wait to go again.
Maxwell BrownMaxwell Brown
13:03 23 Sep 23
It was so fun, 90 minutes three maps for £25. The staff were nice and didn't mind taking our pictures, great location. Andy was ace.
Natasha PageNatasha Page
10:24 22 Sep 23
Thank you for an awesome experience! Everyone had a ball, and our son won't forget his 16th birthday event. Thank you for being a part of his day. Great venue, great event, friendly and awesome staff, highly recommend it! Feel like we made two new friends today, so thanks Karen and Andy for hosting our group. We'll be back ... in my best 'Arnold' accent, well it sounds good in my head anyways😆
Bill SimpsonBill Simpson
16:14 03 Sep 23
Most fun I've had crawling in dirt 😛
04:53 30 Jul 23
Loved paintballing for a mate's stag.Great venue with various courses to battle it out in the groups from the day.Pricing wasn't too bad on paintballs, seen higher prices in different spots. Plus you can upgrade the gun with a package deal.Liked the marshall being attentive through the game, rewarding those being better than the rest. (e.g. risking themselves to grab the flag/active the objective).
Craig FinchCraig Finch
10:09 04 Jul 23
Amazing day out with the lads. The marshalls and all the staff were great and more than happy to deal with the rowdy group I brought with me. Good Times had and great memories made, will definitely be going back.
Phil Stapleton (Phil)Phil Stapleton (Phil)
16:09 06 May 23
Great place and people.
Quick CarsQuick Cars
15:41 29 Mar 23
David agnewDavid agnew
13:06 20 Nov 22
Great well organised place. lots of options. decent little cafe and staging area, great Marshalls . bring plenty of money for paint and smoke grenades. £35 for 500 . smoke grenades £5. gun upgrade £10.the woods field is interesting with some great cover and buildings including a plane and a massive bridge to fight over.sorry I forgot the names of our Marshalls but the man and woman were fantastic with our group of kids even when one of ours got benched for safety issues. and fair play to them for a robust response.
A WatersA Waters
11:16 06 Mar 22
Fantastic venue. Booked and attended for an 11 year olds party with a mix of boys and girls, and 2 younger players aged 6.Game - We opted for Laser which is played in the smaller secure gaming map making it ideal for the younger children. They played team challenged and quests, all kids loved it. The game is supervised by an instructor. Our kids just wore trainers and ordinary day clothing, and that suited despite a weeks worth of rain prior to the party. The lis even took their coats off despite it being chilly as they were hot running around.Venue- the atmosphere is epic. Individually designed party rooms that need no party decor simply because the are fantastic without any. A military theme throughout with fluorescent paint and the odd zombies lurking. Party rooms are undercover which makes it great for wet weather.Facilities- outdoor porter loos, indoor cafe which is well stocked with hot and cold drinks and food. They take cash or card. Food is good value. There is picnic bench seating inside for all, or you can stay in the party room while your kids play. You can go outside to watch and take pictures of the kids playing.Party food- the children get a minimum of 2 pizza slices, 1 hot dog, crisps and chocolate bars with cold fruit drinks or water. They catered for those gluton intoleranant, although this limits the child to two slices of gluton free pizza, so do bring snacks to add to your child's meal. There was enough hotdogs and pizza left for children to either have an extra pizza slice or hotdog in a party of 13 kids. The food room is a 2nd party room your kids have sole use of, and this is decorated differently, so in essence you get the run of two themed rooms.Cost - amazing value. For 12 kids with food playing laser it is £160. If an extra child turns up on the day, you can include them for the game and food for an additional £12.50 per child. The venue can accommodate upto 18 as a child party. This resolves the issue of when someone forgets to rsvp.Other info - there is adequate parking.Staff - eager to help, well organised, engaging and friendly, and that's all the staff. They are a fantastic team - thank you for making the Benson party the best party ever.Closing points- it was epic, best party venue ever. Great atmosphere, lovely surroundings. We will be back. Very safe and secure, very well organised. Id be happy to bring a party of primary year 1s to this venue. Its great for this age and above, and for a parents day out with friends. We are huge fans.

Game Maps at Yorkshire Paintball Centre

World’s Biggest Paintball Bridge

This map features the world’s biggest paintball bridge, providing players with an expansive and challenging terrain. The game involves capturing flags from the enemy’s base and returning them to your base, all while navigating the massive bridge and avoiding enemy fire.


The Airfield map offers a unique and challenging objective for players. Each team starts in their fort at opposite sides of the game zone, with a large satellite communications dish that must be protected. The objective is to infiltrate the opposing team’s fort and destroy their communications dish.

The Embassy

The embassy is a two-story building surrounded by ruins, offering a challenging and immersive paintball experience. The objective is to enter the embassy, collect your flag, and plant it in the opposing team’s base. The map is also used for Airsoft and other games.

Destroy the Radar

This map is one of the largest at the centre and is played on an airfield with a real crashed aeroplane, adding an extra layer of realism. The objective is to infiltrate the opposing team’s fort and destroy their communications dish.

The Village

The Village features 27 buildings and a stream running through it, providing a diverse and challenging environment. The versatile map is used for paintball, Laser Tag, Nerf Wars, and Battle Zone Archery.


Speedball is a small, fast-paced map with multiple flag stations. The objective is to turn all flag stations to your team’s colour. The game ends when time runs out, or all players on one team are eliminated.

The Bunker

The Bunker is an attack-and-defend game set around a 10,000 sq ft complex. The objective for the attacking team is to place four bombs at strategic points around the building, while the defenders must prevent this.

Beirut (Yoshi’s Island)

This map is set in a clearing at the edge of a forest and features a meandering river. The objective is total wipeout: your team has to eliminate the entire opposing team to win.

The Outpost

The Outpost is designed specifically for children’s events. This map features a large central bridge and four corner towers. It promotes teamwork and communication and is used for Kid’s Paintball, Laser Tag, Nerf, and Gelball events.

Chocolate Island

Set deep in the forest, this map features an island surrounded by a deep moat. The only access is via a single bridge, making it a challenging map mainly used during significant events like Airsoft Proving Grounds.

Book your paintball event near Leeds

You can book your paintball event online, or give us a call on 01757 289322. If you are planning a paintball event in Leeds, then please do get in touch. We have the best paintball facilities in Yorkshire and welcome anyone to come along and have a look in advance. Not all paintball venues are the same.

“Had an awesome day here yesterday for a works day out. Nothing was too much trouble, the staff were fab and games were great. Would definitely recommend and would love to go back again.”
Suzanne Hurry


1. What are the different paintball packages available?

The Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park offers various paintball packages to suit different needs and budgets. The Classic Paintball package is £15 per player and includes all equipment and 100 paintballs. Paintball 90 is £25 per player, including three games and 100 paintballs per game. Kids Paintball is £22.50 per player and includes 100 paintballs for each game.

2. What safety measures are in place?

The park provides high-quality paintball equipment, including guns, masks, and clothing. All equipment is well-maintained and regularly checked for safety. Additionally, all marshals at the venue are UKPSF trained and qualified.

3. What facilities does the venue offer?

The venue boasts the best paintball facilities in Yorkshire, including an indoor base area that can seat up to 300 players. The game maps feature unique elements like the world’s largest purpose-built bridge, a real crashed aeroplane, and a 10,000 square foot bunker.

4. How do I book a paintball event?

You can book your paintball event online or give them a call on 01757 289322. The venue welcomes anyone to come along and have a look in advance to ensure it meets your needs.

5. Are there additional activities available?

Yes, we offer 16 different activities, including Airsoft, Archery, Axe Throwing, Nerf, Laser Tag, Gelball, Battle Zone Archery and more.

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