Armbands and Team ID

Since 1988, our airsoft shop has been a pivotal resource for airsoft gear, hosting and organizing airsoft events that unite the community. An essential part of any team-based airsoft game is the ability to identify team members quickly, and our selection of armbands and team ID accessories is designed to meet this need effectively.

Our armbands are available in various colours and styles, allowing for easy visual differentiation of teams during fast-paced gameplay. Made from durable materials that can withstand rugged use, these armbands are adjustable to comfortably fit players of all sizes. Additionally, we offer a range of team ID accessories, including patches and badges, which can be used to customize further and identify team affiliation. These items are practical and enhance the immersive experience of airsoft events. Visit our shop for the perfect armbands and team ID solutions to keep your gameplay organized and competitive.

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