Dummy Grenades and Props

Since 1988, our airsoft shop has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive airsoft gear and hosting dynamic events, enhancing the realism and excitement of every game. Our selection of dummy grenades and props is crucial in creating authentic and engaging gameplay experiences.

These items are designed to simulate real tactical equipment, adding depth to scenarios and missions without any risk. Our dummy grenades are perfect for drills, training, or game objectives, while our range of props includes items like fake explosives, communication devices, and tactical mission tools. Each piece is crafted to look and feel realistic, ensuring that players can immerse themselves fully in the strategic play. Whether you’re setting up a scenario game or training for tactical manoeuvres, our dummy grenades and props are essential for bringing your airsoft battles to life. Visit our shop to explore our extensive collection and find the perfect items to enhance your next airsoft event.

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