6mm Airsoft Club Ticket (Own equipment needed)

A ticket for the best Airsoft game in town.
A full on 6hr event with multiple games and objectives.
£25 for Non Members
£20 for Members
Up to date info and pictures can be found on our facebook page.

Fat Bobs Airsoft ShopBuy airsoft kit and bb’s and collect them on the day from..
www.fatbobs.co.uk (Use coupon code “6mmclub” for a 5% discount off your whole order.

Please see details below for full event info and rules.

£25 for Non Members
£20 for Members
Yearly Membership – £20
Airsoft gun and kit hire – £15 (Please see below)

The day startst at 10am and finish at 4pm with a short break for lunch.
During the day, we will play a number of objective based games.
The club is marshaled and run by experienced airsoft marshals who are on hand all day to maintain safe and fair play.

This club is aimed at players with their own airsoft equipment, although gun and kit will be available to hire on the day for those new to the game.

The club has exclusive use of YPC for this event.
For more details, please contact andy@ypc.co.uk

The 6mm Airsoft Club is based at YPC in Yorkshire.

Gun Rules;
AEG – Maximum 350fps (Based on .20g BB)
DMR – Maximum 400fps (Based on .20g BB)
Sniper – Maximum 500fps (Based on .20g BB)

You will be required to undertake a witnessed chrono test prior to receiving your team arm band and being allowed to play. Any airsoft gun that exceeds the velocity limits will not be allowed into the game area.

Eye Pro Rules;
All eye protection must be specifically designed for Airsoft / Paintball and must be CE marked.
All players under the age of 18 must have full face, temple and ear protection.

Pyro Rules;
All pyro’s used on the day MUST be CE Approved and Marked.
To see if your pyro will be allowed, simply look on the pyro itself and if there is a CE mark, you will be fine. If there is no mark, then your pyro cannot be used.
Do not assume that just because you bought your Pyro in the UK from a reputable shop, it can be used. No CE mark, no use!!

Age Limits;
The minimum age to play the 6mm Airsoft club is 12 years.

Don’t have your own equipment;
This event is not really for players who do not have their own equipment. If you have a friend who is playing and does have their own equipment and you would like to join in, we can hire you everything you need to play, inc gun, eye pro etc for £15. Please call us on 01757 289322 to book in as we have very limited availability of rental equipment.

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