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This light mineral oil lubricates, protects from rust and corrosion, and cleanses dirt and fingerprints. Its long spout design ensures easy and precise application. It is ideal for all airsoft guns requiring gentle care but not for use in airgun compression chambers.

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Abbey Gun And rifle Oil 125ml

Protect and maintain your airsoft equipment with Abbey Gun and Rifle Oil 125ml. This superior lubricant enhances the performance and longevity of all types of airsoft guns and equipment, ensuring they operate smoothly and are shielded from environmental damage.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Lubrication: Provides excellent lubrication to all moving parts, reducing friction and wear for smoother operation.
  • Protection Against Corrosion: Formulated to protect your airsoft gear from rust and corrosion, this oil penetrates deep to loosen existing rust and shield metal parts against future damage.
  • Dirt and Fingerprint Removal: Ideal for cleaning, this oil effectively removes dirt and prevents fingerprint marks, keeping your airsoft equipment looking pristine.
  • Easy Application: Comes in a 125ml tin with a long spout for precise application, making it simple to apply the oil where it’s needed without waste or mess.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Safe for All Guns: This product is suitable for all airsoft guns and equipment that require light mineral oil. To maintain it, wipe over all metal parts.
  • Caution: To prevent dieseling, do not use in airgun compression chambers.

Abbey Gun and Rifle Oil is a must-have for any airsoft player seeking a reliable solution to maintain and protect their equipment efficiently and effectively.

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