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It offers excellent lubrication for leather and plastic washers and a protective coating against moisture and corrosion. It ensures temperature stability, is water-repellent, and prevents the build-up of harmful residues. Effectively protect your airsoft gear from wear and environmental damage.

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Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35ml

Keep your airsoft equipment in peak condition with Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35ml. This specially formulated silicone oil is designed for the care and maintenance of your airsoft guns’ internal mechanisms and external surfaces, providing comprehensive protection and enhancing overall performance.

Key Features:

  • Specialised Lubrication: Ideal for lubricating leather and plastic washers within airguns, ensuring smooth operation and preventing wear and tear on crucial components.
  • Protective Coating: This coating offers a durable, water-repellent layer that shields all types of weapons from moisture and corrosion, extending the life of your airsoft equipment.
  • High-Temperature Stability: Maintains its integrity and performance even under varying temperature conditions, making it suitable for use in diverse environments.
  • Fingerprint Corrosion Prevention: The oil’s unique formula also helps to stop the corrosive effects of fingerprints, keeping your weapon’s exterior clean and pristine.
  • Non-Gumming Formula: This formula ensures that the oil does not gum up or diesel, maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of moving parts without causing blockages or buildup.

Application Tips:

  • Ease of Use: Apply a small amount of oil to the affected parts or surfaces, ensuring a thin, even coating for optimal protection and lubrication.
  • Versatility: Check out our full range of Abbey Gun Care products for more specialised solutions tailored to maintaining the aesthetics and mechanics of your airsoft guns.

Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35ml is an essential maintenance product for any airsoft player looking to protect and prolong the life of their airsoft guns and related equipment.

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