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Precision-engineered for sniper rifles and pro AEGs, these black, heavy-weight BBs offer stealth and accuracy, ensuring your shots are unseen and impactful. With 2000 perfectly calibrated, smooth polished BBs in a convenient Speed Loader tub, you’re ready for any skirmish.

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AIRSOFT 0.36G 2000 BLACK SNIPER BB’s 2000. Tailored for the sharpshooter within, these BBs are engineered to maximize the performance of high-powered sniper rifles and professional AEGs. With a 2000 round tub at your disposal, you’re all set for your next Airsoft skirmish, ensuring you never run out of ammo when it matters most.

Precision Engineered for Elite Performance

Each 0.36g 6mm Bulldog BB Pellet has undergone meticulous calibration and boasts a smooth, polished surface free from ridges or imperfections. This unparalleled attention to detail guarantees that these BBs are the finest you can equip your 6mm Airsoft BB Gun with, enhancing accuracy and consistency with every shot.

Stealth and Impact

The ARSUK Dark Sniper BBs are not just about precision; their unique black colouration ensures they remain unseen by opponents, making your shots as surprising as they are effective. The heavy 0.36g weight is optimized for sniper rifles, cutting through the air with stability and accuracy, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Innovations for the Sharpshooter

Experience the convenience of the new Speed Loader Style Lid, designed to make reloads quick and hassle-free, keeping you focused on the game. This feature, combined with the high-grade materials and engineering of the BBs, ensures that you’re always prepared and in control, whether you’re holding down a position or making your shots count from afar.

Key Features

  • Weight: 0.36g – Perfectly balanced for sniper precision and impact.
  • Quantity: 2000 BBs per tub, ensuring you have ample ammunition for extensive gameplay.
  • Stealth: Black coloration for invisibility, enhancing tactical advantages.
  • Quality: Calibrated and polished for a flawless performance in all 6mm Airsoft sniper guns.
  • Convenience: Speed Loader Style Lid for efficient reloading during critical moments.

With the ARSUK Dark Sniper 0.36G Airsoft BBs, you’re not just playing the game; you’re changing the dynamics of Airsoft sniping. Equip yourself with the best and become the sharpshooter you were meant to be.

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