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Airsoft BB’s .20g Extreme Bulldog Black – 2000

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Designed for all skill levels, these 2000 invisible-in-flight pellets guarantee precision, reduced maintenance, and a stealth advantage. Your secret weapon for winning is here!

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Airsoft BB’s .20g Extreme Bulldog Black – 2000

Airsoft BB’s .20g Extreme Bulldog Black – 2000 6mm Pro-Grade BB Pellets. Tailored for the tactician who values stealth as much as precision. These game-ready BBs are your ally in achieving unseen accuracy and unparalleled game dominance. Packed in a jar of 2000 competitive-grade pellets, these BBs are not just ammunition but game-changers.

Why Go Stealth with Extreme Bulldog Airsoft BBs?

  • Stealth Performance: These BBs’ unique black colour makes them virtually invisible in flight, giving you the upper hand in camouflage and surprise tactics.
  • Peak Precision: Triple-polished for needle-sharp accuracy, these BBs ensure your targets are hit precisely, increasing your hit rate and consistency across all ranges.
  • Ultimate Compatibility: These BBs are perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike. They are designed to enhance the performance of all pro-level Airsoft gas pistols, high-end AEGs, and rifles.
  • Enhanced Durability: Engineered with a new hard compound and a polished finish, these BBs promise accurate weight and minimal deviation in roundness, reducing gun maintenance and ensuring seamless gameplay.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: With prompt shipping and Bulldog’s guarantee of satisfaction for 6mm pellets, your investment in stealth and precision is secured.

Elevate Your Stealth Game

For those who strategize to win, the Extreme Bulldog Airsoft BBs 0.20g Black are your go-to. Combining the element of surprise with unmatched precision, these BBs let you control the battlefield unseen.

Whether improving your target shooting accuracy or seeking an edge in competitive play. These BBs offer the performance, reliability, and stealth needed for victory. Embrace the power of the unseen; choose Extreme Bulldog Airsoft BBs and become the master of stealth tactics.

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