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Airsoft Team Armbands Pack of 4

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Thanks to their double Velcro design, these armbands are easy to wear, adjust, and remove, ensuring a comfortable fit for various arm sizes. Ideal for airsoft players and applicable in numerous team-based settings.

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Airsoft Team Armbands Pack of 4

Airsoft Team Armbands Pack of 4, a set designed to enhance visibility and team identity in the heat of play. This pack includes two red and two blue armbands, making it simple to distinguish between teams during airsoft matches or any team-based activity.

Key Features

  1. Pack of Four: Each pack contains four elastic armbands, two red and two blue, perfect for setting up teams quickly and efficiently.
  2. Premium Material: Crafted from high-quality polyester fibre, these armbands are wear-resistant and built to last through rigorous use. The durable material ensures that the bands won’t easily tear or wear out, providing long-lasting reliability.
  3. Comfortable and Adjustable: Each armband measures 11 x 45 cm, featuring an elastic design that comfortably fits various arm sizes without slipping.
  4. Easy to Wear: The double Velcro design allows quick and easy adjustments, making the armbands straightforward to put on and take off. This user-friendly feature is ideal for dynamic and fast-paced environments.
  5. Unique Design: At 11 cm wide, these armbands are more visible and offer space to attach logos or patches, allowing further customisation to effectively represent your team or personal style.
  6. Versatility: In addition to airsoft, these armbands can be used to identify team members or personnel in schools, clubs, or sports events, making them a versatile addition to any group activity toolkit.


  • Contents: 2 red armbands, 2 blue armbands
  • Material: High-quality polyester fibre
  • Size: Each armband is 11 cm wide and 45 cm long
  • Features: Elastic, with double Velcro for easy adjustment
  • Applications: Suitable for airsoft, sports teams, school events, and more

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