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ARSUK 12g CO2 x 10

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ARSUK 12g CO2 cartridges, designed for all CO2-powered air rifles, pistols, and BB guns. This pack of 10 high-quality, non-threaded CO2 capsules guarantees power, performance, and precision, making it an essential addition to your airsoft arsenal.

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ARSUK 12g CO2 x 10

ARSUK 12g CO2 x 10 cartridges are crafted from high-quality, durable steel. They are designed to deliver unmatched performance in CO2-powered air rifles, pistols, and all types of airsoft BB guns. Each cartridge in this pack of 10 offers the power and efficiency you need for a seamless and thrilling airsoft experience.

Designed for Precision and Power

The ARSUK CO2 cartridges are made with airsoft enthusiasts in mind, ensuring each 12g non-threaded CO2 capsule performs at its best through every use. Ideal for paintball guns, air guns, and air rifles, these cartridges are the powerhouse behind your most successful matches.

Safety and Quality at the Forefront

ARSUK prioritizes the safety and longevity of your airsoft equipment. These CO2 cartridges are non-threaded and non-refillable, made specifically for one-time use to maintain the highest safety and performance standards. Remember, these cartridges are intended for adult users and should never be stored in hot places to avoid the risk of damage or accidents.

Product Highlights:

  • High-Quality Material: Constructed from heavy-duty steel, each silver-coloured CO2 cartridge ensures reliability and durability.
  • Optimized Performance: Specially designed for CO2-powered air rifles and pistols, providing consistent power and efficiency.
  • Versatile Use: Compatible with a wide range of airsoft products, enhancing your gameplay with every shot.
  • Product Dimensions: Each cartridge measures approximately 8.3 x 2 x 2 cm and guarantees a full 12g fill for optimal performance.

ARSUK Warranty for Peace of Mind

ARSUK stands behind the quality of its CO2 cartridges with a hassle-free lifetime warranty on its products. Customer satisfaction is paramount, and ARSUK is committed to resolving any issues to ensure 100% satisfaction with its service.

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