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ASG Airsoft Devil Blaster 0,20g bbs 6600 2 Bottles

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Engineered for excellence with a +/- 0.01mm tolerance and rigorously quality-checked. These BBs are designed to propel your airsoft experience to new heights. Packaged in two convenient bottles totalling 6600 BBs, they promise unmatched performance and reliability.

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ASG Airsoft Devil Blaster 0,20g bbs 6600 2 Bottles

ASG Airsoft Devil Blaster 0,20g BBs 6600 2 Bottles is a cutting-edge addition to the airsoft market from ActionSportGames A/S. Designed for the player who demands perfection in every shot, these BBs result from unparalleled dedication to quality and performance. Drawing on the heritage of the renowned BLASTER BBs series, the Devil Blaster BBs stand out as the pinnacle of airsoft ammunition.

Exceptional Quality and Precision:

  • Rigorous Quality Control: Each BB is subjected to strict quality checks, ensuring that only the best reach your hands for airsoft battles.
  • Precision Engineered: With a tolerance of +/- 0.01mm, these BBs offer the ultimate in precision, ensuring that every shot counts.
  • Packaged for Convenience: The BBs come in two easy-to-carry bottles, designed for effortless transport and quick loading, allowing you to focus on the game.

Unmatched Performance for Every Scenario:

  • The Evil Side of the Family: Known affectionately as the “evil side of the family,” the Devil Blaster BBs are diamond-grade precision Airsoft BBs that promise to enhance your performance in any scenario.
  • Ideal for Competition and Practice: Whether in the heat of competition or honing your marksmanship skills, these BBs are engineered to take your airsoft experience to new levels.

Why Choose ASG Airsoft Devil Blaster 0,20g BBs?

The Devil Blaster BBs are more than just ammunition; they invest in your airsoft prowess. With unmatched quality and precision, they are designed to give you a competitive edge, shot after shot.

Product Features:

  • Weight: 0.20g, offering a perfect balance of speed and accuracy.
  • Quantity: 6600 BBs in 2 bottles, providing ample ammunition for extended gameplay.
  • Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of airsoft guns, enhancing your game regardless of your equipment.

Elevate your airsoft game with the ASG Airsoft Devil Blaster 0.20g BBs. With these BBs, you’re not just playing. Using the best ammunition available, you are dominating the field with precision, quality, and confidence. Prepare for battle with the Devil Blaster BBs and experience the difference that premium BBs can make.

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