Axe Throwing (2 Players)

From: £40.00

Use this online booking to book your axe throwing event.

Please note that the minimum group size is 2 players.


Axe Throwing

For all players aged 12 or over (Year 7 or above). Participants will  throw Angels (Small Tomahawks), axes and have the opportunity to throw the ultimate two handed axe on our long range target.
After a short briefing and a chance to practice, it’s off to the targets for some scoring games. The player with the highest score wins..

Is it safe?

As with all of our events, we have a 100% safety record and have been running events since 1988. The more dangerous an event is perceived to be, the safer it tends to be. All of our bays are completely separated, so only one person is effectively using any bay at any time. There is no chance of being hit by a stray axe. So yes, axe throwing is completely safe.


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