Battle Zone Archery (10 Players)

From: £250.00

Use this online booking to book your Battle Zone Archery event.
Please note that the minimum booking is for 10 players and weekends only. If you would like to book midweek, please contact us on 01757 289322.
All players must be school year 7 and above.

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Battle Zone Archery is a brand new event to the UK. Players take part in a woodland environment which is like Indiana Jones meets The Hunger Games. Each player is kitted out with a coloured team bib, a special head guard and a trusty long bow.. Then it’s off to the briefing room for full instructions and team selection before you are taken to the purpose built game zone. The arrows used have a special soft tip and can be fired up to around 40m. You know when you have been hit, but it doesn’t hurt when you are hit. So it’s archery buy you actually get to shoot your friends.

You will play three matches during your 1hr session. If you are hit, you must enter the dead box until one of your team knocks one of the oppositions crystal skulls from it’s pedestal. Then your team can bring one player back into the game. If you manage to catch an arrow in mid flight, you can bring all elimenated players from your team back into the game.

We keep all groups exclusive so it will just be your party playing. The minimum group size is 10 players. Battle Zone Archery is ideal for birthdays, stag or hen parties, or just for having a great day out with your mates for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It’s also very new so it’s something you may have not done before.

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