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Blaster ASG 0.30g Airsoft BB’s 6mm x 2

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Designed for serious players, these BBs feature exceptional size consistency and a special lubrication coating, ensuring smooth, accurate shots in any conditions. Perfect for snipers and high-end AEGs, the 0.30g BBs excel in outdoor skirmishes, providing stability and impact.

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Blaster ASG 0.30g Airsoft BB’s 6mm x 2

Blaster ASG 0.30g Airsoft BB’s 6mm x 2. Where precision meets performance, these BBs, hailing from the renowned brand of Blaster by ActionSportGames, are the pinnacle of Airsoft ammunition quality. Designed with the highest consistency in dimensions and enhanced with a special coating. Blaster BBs ensure unmatched quality, setting them atop the list of must-have ammunition for serious players.

Unrivalled Quality and Performance

Blaster ASG BBs are engineered for perfection, boasting dimensions that only vary between 5.96 mm and 5.98 mm, making them some of the most consistent in size on the market. This precision, coupled with a special coating for improved lubrication, results in minimal compression loss when firing, elevating your Airsoft experience with every shot.

Designed for Precision

With a weight of 0.30g, these BBs are the standard in most sniper rifles and high-end AEGs. They provide stability in flight, pinpoint accuracy, and a significant impact on targets. Whether engaged in an intense sniper duel or navigating the complexities of an upgraded AEG battle, Blaster BBs deliver the performance you need to come out on top.

Tailored for the Outdoors

Favored by advanced players, the 0.30g BBs are specially designed for outdoor conditions. Their increased weight makes them more stable in the wind and capable of pushing through obstacles like bushes. Making them ideal for outdoor skirmishes where precision and power are key.

Full Range for Every Scenario

Blaster offers a complete line of high-precision Airsoft BBs, ranging from 0.20g to 0.30g, including Tracer BBs for night games. These add a layer of realism to your play. With Blaster BBs, you’re equipped for any situation, any time of day.

Special Features

  • Weight: 0.30g – Perfect for sniper rifles and high-end AEGs.
  • Quantity: Two bottles, each containing 3300 BBs, totalling 6600 BBs, ensure you’re always prepared for battle.
  • Quality: The highest dimensional consistency with a special lubrication coating offers smooth and accurate shots.
  • Versatility: Ideal for both day and night play, enhancing realism and performance in all conditions.

Elevate your game with Blaster ASG 0.30g Airsoft BBs, where precision and power converge for an unbeatable Airsoft experience.

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