Book Junior Gelball (10 Players)

From: £200.00

Book Junior Gelball , GelBall is an exclusive event, so your group will play independently.
The minimum group size is ten players, with no maximum.
It’s £20.00 per player (10% Discount if you choose the 10 am slot). This includes all the equipment needed and unlimited ammo per game.
All participants must be in school year 3 or older.

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Book Junior Gelball

Book Junior Gelball for a captivating outdoor adventure for younger enthusiasts aged 8 to 10! This junior version of the classic Gelball game equips players with state-of-the-art gel blasters that fire soft, water-filled gel balls. Safe, exciting, and dynamic, Junior Gelball offers the perfect setting for children to engage in exhilarating combat play while learning valuable teamwork and strategy skills.

As they manoeuvre through creatively designed battlefields with obstacles and varied terrain, participants will discover the joy of teamwork and the thrill of competition. The game’s format encourages effective communication and strategic thinking, making it a fantastic choice for boosting confidence and physical activity among young Junior Gelball players.

Key Features:

  • Youth-Focused Equipment: Tailored for young players, featuring lightweight, easy-to-handle gel blasters that shoot biodegradable gel balls.
  • Engaging Tactical Play: Helps develop strategic thinking and planning as teams work together to conquer the battlefield.
  • Custom-Designed Arenas: Specially crafted environments that challenge young minds and bodies while ensuring safety and fun.
  • Safe and Secure: Non-toxic, water-filled gel balls ensure a safe playing experience, perfect for children.
  • Community Building: This activity is great for birthday parties, school groups, and any event where children can gather, learn, and play together in a supervised setting.

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