Book Gelball (10 Players)

From: £200.00

Book Gelball, GelBall is an exclusive event, so your group will be playing on their own.
The minimum group size is 10 players with no maximum.
It’s £20 per player (10% Discount if you choose the 10am slot). This gives all equipment needed and also 800 rounds of ammo per game.
Three games means 2400 rounds of ammo per player. All participants must be school year 3 or older.

Please see below links to PDF’s you may find useful.
Gelball Party Invitations



Book GelballBook Gelball It’s the ultra-fun, squishy-splattered showdown that will have action enthusiasts of all ages locked and loaded for a thrilling, gel-blasting escapade! This exhilarating, action-packed game equips players with cutting-edge gel blasters, perfect for unleashing a torrent of squishy, water-filled gel balls upon their opponents.

Watch teams strategise, communicate, and navigate the dynamic battlefield, using obstacles, bunkers, and natural terrain to outwit their rivals. The heart-racing excitement of dodging gel balls and landing the perfect shot creates a unique, immersive experience that combines strategy, teamwork, and laughter.

So, gather your squad and prepare for an extraordinary gelball adventure! “Gelball” guarantees to be the most action-packed, gel-slinging romp your warriors have ever encountered. Charge your blasters, take aim, and let the gelballs fly!

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