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Featuring 18-speed Shimano gearing, full suspension, and 27.5″ all-terrain wheels, this bike offers a thrilling and smooth ride. The durable aluminium frame and JAK disc brakes ensure safety and reliability in all conditions.

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Bounty Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The Bounty Full Suspension Mountain Bike is meticulously crafted for those who seek excitement and adventure on the trails. This robust bike is packed with features that guarantee an exhilarating and smooth ride, whether you’re navigating rugged terrain or enjoying a leisurely cruise.

Durable and Balanced Frame

The heart of this bike is its Bounty aluminium frame, engineered for exceptional durability and balanced weight distribution. This ensures a sturdy yet lightweight ride that can handle tough conditions while providing maximum comfort.

Smooth and Comfortable Ride

Equipped with Zoom Suspension forks featuring an alloy crown, this bike effortlessly absorbs shocks and bumps, offering a plush and controlled ride. The full suspension system, complemented by a 4-bar linkage, allows you to tackle rough terrains at high speeds confidently and easily.

Efficient and Versatile Gearing

With 18-speed Shimano Revo shift gearing, this mountain bike offers smooth and precise gear changes, enhancing speed and traction on varied landscapes. Whether climbing steep hills or racing down slopes, the gearing system adapts perfectly to your needs.

Reliable Stopping Power

Safety is paramount, and the Bounty Mountain Bike ensures you stop swiftly and safely in all conditions. It features JAK front and rear disc brakes, providing robust and reliable braking power. Feel confident in your ability to control your speed and navigate obstacles easily.

Enhanced Grip and Stability

The bike boasts 27.5″ wheels fitted with all-terrain tyres, ensuring excellent grip and stability across different surfaces. The light alloy double-wall rims add to the thrill, combining strength with lightweight performance to ride with agility and confidence.

Easy Assembly

Arriving 95% assembled, the Bounty Full Suspension Mountain Bike requires minimal effort to prepare for your next adventure. Check the “Assembly % Guide” provided to complete the final steps and ensure your bike is perfectly set up.

Technical Specifications:

  • Frame: Bounty aluminium frame
  • Forks: Zoom Suspension forks with alloy crown
  • Gears: 18-speed Shimano Revo shift
  • Brakes: JAK front and rear disc brakes
  • Wheels: 27.5″ wheels with all-terrain tyres
  • Rims: Light alloy double wall

Embark on your cycling adventures with the Bounty Full Suspension Mountain Bike, where performance meets thrill. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a fun seeker, this bike is designed to elevate your outdoor experiences.

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