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Camo Airsoft Hat with Neck Gaiter Price: £11.81£16.99 (as of 17/05/2024 03:31 PST- Details)

Providing style, comfort, and protection in all conditions. Adjustable and made from breathable materials, it’s ideal for airsoft and outdoor activities.

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Camo Airsoft Hat with Neck Gaiter

The Camo Airsoft Hat and Neck Gaiter suit is an exceptional combination designed for outdoor enthusiasts who seek both style and protection. This set includes a tactical hat and a UV-protective neck gaiter, both adorned in a striking camouflage pattern, perfect for a variety of outdoor activities.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Complete Set: Includes 1 camouflage tactical hat and 1 UV neck gaiter for comprehensive head and neck protection.
  • Premium Materials: The hat is crafted from 100% cotton, offering breathability and durability. The neck gaiter is made from high-quality elastic polyester superfine fibre, ensuring softness and comfort against the skin.
  • Adjustable Fit: The hat features hooks and buckles for size adjustment to comfortably fit head circumferences of 22-24 inches. The neck gaiter’s elastic properties ensure it fits most adults.
  • Versatile Protection: Offers protection against UV rays, dust, sand, and wind. Ideal for varying weather conditions, from sunny days to chilly winds.
  • Multipurpose Use: Suitable for activities like airsoft, fishing, hunting, and motorcycling. The neck gaiter can also function as a face cover, scarf, or bandanna.

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