E&L Airsoft – AK74N Mid-Cap Magazine (120R)

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This pack features an authentic dull brown design and five magazines with a 150-round capacity each, ensuring reliable performance with E&L AK replicas.

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E&L Airsoft – AK74N Mid-Cap Magazine (120R)

The E&L Airsoft AK74N Mid-Cap Magazine (120R) is a faithful reproduction of the traditional AK74 magazine in a classic dull brown finish. Designed specifically for use with E&L AK airsoft replicas, this magazine ensures reliable performance and durability, making it an essential accessory for any serious airsoft player.

Authentic Design

The E&L Airsoft AK74N Mid-Cap Magazine is a loyal copy of the real-steel AK74 magazine. It features a traditional design with a dull brown finish. This authentic look enhances the realism of your airsoft gear, providing an immersive experience that closely replicates real-world scenarios.

Enhanced Firepower

Never be left short on the field with the E&L AK74N Mid-Cap Magazine. This pack includes five extra magazines, ensuring you have plenty of ammunition to stay in the game longer. Whether you’re engaged in a prolonged skirmish or need quick reloads, these magazines provide the firepower you need to maintain your edge.

High-Capacity Mid-Cap Design

Thanks to its high-capacity mid-cap design, each magazine in this pack holds approximately 150 6mm airsoft BBs. The high-quality tension spring inside ensures consistent feeding, preventing jams and misfires. This reliable feeding mechanism guarantees smooth performance with your E&L replica, allowing you to focus on your game.

Designed for E&L AK Airsoft Replicas

The E&L Airsoft AK74N Mid-Cap Magazine is specifically designed with E&L AK airsoft replicas. While it may not be compatible with replicas from other manufacturers, it integrates seamlessly with E&L products, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Design: A faithful reproduction of the traditional AK74 magazine in a dull brown finish.
  • Enhanced Firepower: Includes five extra magazines for extended gameplay.
  • High Capacity: Holds approximately 150 6mm airsoft BBs.
  • Reliable Feeding: A high-quality tension spring ensures consistent feeding.
  • E&L Compatibility: Designed for use with E&L AK airsoft replicas.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Durable plastic
  • Capacity: Approximately 150 rounds (6mm BBs)
  • Compatibility: Specifically for E&L AK airsoft replicas
  • Colour: Dull brown
  • Quantity: Pack of 5 magazines

Elevate Your Airsoft Arsenal

The E&L Airsoft AK74N Mid-Cap Magazine (120R) is designed for serious airsoft players who demand authenticity and reliability. Its traditional design, enhanced firepower, and consistent performance make it a valuable addition to any airsoft arsenal. Order your pack today and experience the quality and realism that E&L Airsoft is known for.

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