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ELONG OUTDOOR Carbon Archery Arrows

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This pack includes arrows with adjustable nocks and nickel-plated tips. They are suitable for recurve, compound, or long bows with draw weights of 30-60 pounds. Designed for durability and safety, these arrows are ideal for target archery.

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ELONG OUTDOOR Carbon Archery Arrows

ELONG OUTDOOR Carbon Archery Arrows are meticulously designed to meet the demands of all types of archers, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts. These arrows are crafted for use with recurve, compound, and longbows with draw weights ranging from 30 to 60 pounds, ensuring versatility and performance.

Detailed Specifications

  • Dimensions: Each arrow features an outer diameter of 0.307 inches (7.8mm) and an inner diameter of 0.244 inches (6.2mm), optimized for a balance between durability and precise flight.
  • Spine Rating: With a spine of 500, these arrows are flexible enough to absorb the bow’s energy while maintaining enough stiffness to fly accurately toward the target.
  • Material: Constructed from precision carbon, these arrows are designed for extended durability and repeated long-lasting use in target practice and outdoor shooting.
  • Nocks: These arrows’ nocks are not fixed by glue, allowing you to adjust and rotate them easily to perfectly suit your bow setup.
  • Arrow Tips: Equipped with nickel-plated stainless steel tips that include an O-Ring for locking the screw tip in place. This design ensures the tips stay secure and can be easily replaced with broadheads or other types for various archery needs.


  • Versatility: They are suitable for a wide range of bows and draw weights, making them ideal for various archery disciplines.
  • Precision and Control: Engineered to enhance your shooting accuracy, these arrows help improve your skills with each session.
  • Durability and Safety: It is built to last and designed to optimize safety, especially for beginners and those new to archery.
  • Customization and Maintenance: Easy-to-adjust nocks and replaceable tips simplify maintenance and allow customization based on personal preferences or specific requirements.

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