Gel Ball (10 Players)

From: £200.00

Gel Ball is an exclusive event, so your group will be playing on their own. The minimum group size is 10 players with no maximum. It’s £20 per player. This gives all equipment needed and also 800 rounds of ammo per game. Three games means 2400 rounds of ammo per player.

All participants must be school year 3 or older.


Gel Ball is a 1hr event where players play three games. Each player is given 800 rounds of water based ammo per game and a fully automatic pistol. The pistols are easy to use, just pull the trigger and let the ammo fly. With a range of around 100ft, you can shoot your opponent from a long way away.
The minimum age is school year 3
Gel Ball games are available at three times during the day. 10am, 12pm or 2pm.
Party invitations as well as parental consent forms are included and are sent by post with all confirmation documentation.
You can add party food in a private themed room for only £4.50 extra.

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