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Ignite your play with the Gel Blaster Surge, featuring unmatched range and speed with over 10,800 rounds for immediate action. This eco-friendly blaster, designed for dynamic encounters, offers adjustable firing modes and a high-capacity hopper, complemented by a long-lasting battery for extended battles.

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Gel Blaster Starfire

Gel Blaster Starfire. A marvel of innovation and design crafted for enthusiasts seeking both thrill and precision. This blaster isn’t just a tool for the game; it’s a gateway to a new dimension of excitement and engagement, bringing unparalleled power and accuracy to your fingertips.

Why the Gel Blaster Starfire Reigns Supreme

  • Abundant Ammo for Endless Fun: Start your adventure with 10,000 Gellets and 800 Pre-Hydrated rounds, ensuring you’re always ready for action.
  • Eco-Conscious and Safe: Our biodegradable Gellets provide a mess-free experience, disintegrating upon use to protect the environment and your peace of mind.
  • Superior Range and Speed: Outshine your competitors with a 65% increase in range, reaching over 100 feet, and a velocity of 170 feet per second for tactical superiority.
  • Versatile Battle Modes: Adapt your strategy with single-shot precision or the ferocity of Fully Automatic mode. Tailor your gameplay further with adjustable velocity barrels.
  • Built to Last: Equipped with a durable lithium-ion battery, enjoy up to 4 hours of continuous play from a brief 45-minute charge, complemented by a low battery indicator and rapid USB-C charging.

What’s Included in Your Kit?

Your journey to domination begins with a comprehensive set of tools:

  • The Starfire blaster, prepped and ready with a gravity-fed hopper full of Gellets
  • A USB-C cable for swift recharging
  • Two barrels to adjust your blaster’s velocity to the game’s demands
  • Safety glasses to keep the fun safe and sound

Embrace the Outdoors Like Never Before

Weighing just 970 grams and measuring 6.5 x 26 x 25.5 cm. The Gel Blaster Starfire combines portability with formidable power. It’s more than just a game; it’s a challenge to your skills, a test of strategy, and a celebration of outdoor excitement. Whether navigating the complexity of a tactical skirmish or enjoying a casual day of play. The Starfire is your loyal companion in the quest for victory and fun.

Ready, set, blast into the realm of Gel Blaster Starfire, where every shot is a story, and every game is an adventure. Unleash the power, embrace the strategy, and dive into the joy of play, all while championing safety and environmental respect. Your ultimate outdoor experience awaits!

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