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Kids Army SAS Toy Grenade

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Enhance your airsoft gameplay with the Kids Army SAS Toy Grenade, designed to bring realistic sound and lighting effects to the field safely. Perfect for players seeking to add a touch of realism to their tactical simulations, this toy grenade is easy to use and completely safe.

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An extra layer of realism to your airsoft battles with the Kids Army SAS Toy Grenade. This toy grenade is designed to enhance tactical simulations with authentic sound effects and gentle lighting, making it a perfect choice for airsoft players looking to add more dynamic elements to their gameplay.

Key Features

  1. Authentic Sound Effects: The toy grenade features realistic sound effects that mimic the noise of a grenade explosion, providing an immersive experience during airsoft games.
  2. Gentle Lighting: Accompanying the sound effects, the gentle lighting feature simulates the visual aspect of an explosion without any risk, adding to the authenticity of military or tactical scenarios.
  3. Safe for Play: Engineered with safety in mind, this toy grenade offers all the action with none of the hazards, making it suitable for younger players and safe within crowded or indoor environments.
  4. Easy to Activate: The grenade’s use is straightforward. Players can activate its effects with a simple press of a button, allowing for quick integration into fast-paced games.
  5. Enhances Tactical Games: Ideal for use in airsoft games, this grenade can be used to simulate battlefield conditions, train tactical responses, or simply add a fun, realistic twist to your recreational play.


  • Features: Practical sound and gentle lighting effects
  • Safety: Designed for safe use in recreational and training environments
  • Usage: Suitable for airsoft games, tactical training, and play
  • Activation: User-friendly operation for seamless gameplay integration

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