Kids Laser Tag

From: £120.00

Kids Laser Tag is £10 per player (Min group size is 12 players). Additional players are £10 each.

All players must be school year 1 and above.


Kids Laser Tag or Laser Quest as it is sometimes called uses guns that fire a high powered, harmless infra red bean of light at the opposition. The beam (Or shot) is picked up by a receiver on the oppositions gun and registeres a shot. Laser Tag is very popular with younger children and can be played from school year 1.

You will play 3 team games and an “every player for themselves” game. The Kids Laser Tag guns keep control of the game. The gun itself logs how many times you are hit and how many times you hit other players. Players have unlimited ammo, but need to reload after every 10 shots.
When a player has been shot 5 times, the kids laser Tag gun automatically shuts down for 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, the gun re energises and you can continue to shoot.

Kids Laser Tag is always kept exclusive to your group. Each player is issued with a talking laser tag blaster as well as a coloured team bib. The Laser tag battle lasts for 1hr and it’s £120 for up to 12 players. Additional players are £10 each.
We play Laser Blaster in our purpose built arena with excellent viewing for parents.
The minimum age for Laser Tag is school year 1.
Laser Tag is available at three times during the day, 10am, 12pm and 2pm.
Party invitations are included and will be send by post with all confirmation documentation.

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