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NEDOES 26 Inch Fixed Gear Bike

Lightweight aluminium alloy wheels, and powerful dual disc brakes. Designed for versatility and comfort, it’s ideal for cyclists tackling various terrains.

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NEDOES 26 Inch Fixed Gear Bike

The NEDOES 26-inch Fixed-Gear Bike is a masterclass in streamlined design and robust engineering. Tailored for cycling enthusiasts who value performance and aesthetics, this bike excels on various terrains, from urban streets to scenic trails. Whether you’re commuting, training, or just enjoying a leisurely ride, the NEDOES Fixed-Gear Bike offers unparalleled comfort and reliability.

High Carbon Steel Frame

Built with a high carbon steel frame, the NEDOES Fixed Gear Bike boasts exceptional strength and durability. This frame is designed to withstand the rigours of different riding conditions, providing a stable and sturdy ride. The concealed wiring within the frame enhances the bike’s sleek appearance without compromising its structural integrity, resulting in a clean and modern look.

Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Wheels

The 26-inch sunshine aluminium alloy wheels are lightweight but strong, ensuring excellent performance and longevity. They are equipped with specially designed spokes that enhance aerodynamics and aesthetics, making your ride smoother and more efficient.

Versatile Riding Conditions

The NEDOES Fixed Gear Bike is engineered to handle uphill, flat, and downhill terrains easily. Its design supports long-distance riding, ensuring you remain comfortable and in control regardless of the distance or terrain. The bike’s versatility makes it an ideal companion for various cycling adventures.

Pro Shock Absorbing Front Fork

One of the standout features of the NEDOES Fixed Gear Bike is its pro shock-absorbing front fork. This component effectively absorbs road bumps, providing a smoother and more straightforward riding experience. The front fork enhances comfort and reduces rider fatigue when navigating rough city streets or country paths.

Powerful Dual Disc Brakes

Safety is paramount, and the NEDOES Fixed Gear Bike has powerful dual disc brakes. These brakes offer superior stopping power and control, ensuring you can confidently handle sudden stops and navigate busy streets safely. The reliability of the dual disc brakes gives you peace of mind, knowing you have maximum control over your ride.

Technical Specifications

  • Frame Material: High carbon steel
  • Wheels: 26-inch sunshine aluminium alloy with specially designed spokes
  • Brakes: Powerful dual disc brakes
  • Fork: Pro shock-absorbing front fork
  • Wiring: Concealed within the frame
  • Suitable Conditions: Uphill, flat road, downhill
  • Comfort: Supports long-distance riding

Perfect for Cycling Enthusiasts

The NEDOES 26-inch Fixed-Gear Bike is perfect for cyclists who seek a reliable, comfortable, and stylish bike. Its robust build and versatile design suit various terrains and long-distance rides. Whether you’re an urban commuter or a weekend adventurer, this bike is designed to meet your needs.

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