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This blaster features a 6-dart rotating drum, slam-fire action, and dinosaur-inspired design, making it perfect for dynamic Nerf battles and dinosaur enthusiasts.

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Nerf DinoSquad Raptor-Slash Dart Blaster

Nerf DinoSquad Raptor-Slash Dart Blaster! This unique blaster is inspired by the fierce Velociraptor. It features dinosaur-themed aesthetics that enhance the fun and excitement of Nerf battles. Perfect for avid Nerf players and dinosaur lovers, this blaster brings a prehistoric twist to modern gameplay.

Key Features:

  • Dinosaur Design: The blaster boasts detailed designs that echo the features of a Velociraptor, adding a thrilling theme to your Nerf arsenal.
  • 6-Dart Rotating Drum: Equipped with a 6-dart drum that launches darts from the dinosaur’s “teeth,” giving your dart blasting a fierce and fun mechanism.
  • Slam-Fire Action: Enjoy rapid-fire action with slam-fire capability. Hold the trigger and pump the slide to shoot all six darts quickly.
  • Includes 6 Nerf Darts: This set comes loaded with 6 Official Nerf Elite foam darts, known for their performance and quality and ideal for both indoor and outdoor battles.

Ideal For:

  • Themed Play: Adds a creative dinosaur element to traditional Nerf battles, perfect for themed games and dinosaur role-play.
  • Quick-Action Games: The slam-fire action allows for fast-paced gameplay, making it a hit in competitive Nerf matches.
  • Collectors and Kids: This is a fantastic addition to any Nerf collection and a wonderful gift for children who are fans of dinosaurs and action-packed games.

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