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This set includes two compact blasters, each with a 4-dart rotating drum and 8 Elite darts. These easy-to-use blasters are perfect for indoor and outdoor Nerf battles and deliver powerful performance for endless fun.

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Nerf Elite Quadrant Twin Pack

Double your firepower and excitement with the Nerf Elite Quadrant Twin Pack! This twin pack includes two high-performance Quadrant blasters, perfect for thrilling Nerf battles with friends and family. Compact, powerful, and easy to use, these blasters are ideal for Nerf enthusiasts of all ages who want to take their battles to the next level.

Compact and Powerful Blasters

The Nerf Elite Quadrant blasters are designed for quick, agile play. Their compact size makes them easy to carry and manoeuvre, allowing for swift movements and rapid responses during intense Nerf battles. Despite their small size, these blasters pack a powerful punch and can deliver impressive performances in any Nerf war.

Easy to Load and Fire

Loading and firing the Quadrant blasters is a breeze, making them perfect for younger players and those new to Nerf. Load the darts into the front of the blaster, pull back the handle to prime, and pull the trigger to fire. The straightforward operation ensures that players can quickly get back into the action without any hassle.

4-Dart Rotating Drum

Each Quadrant blaster features a 4-dart rotating drum, allowing you to fire four darts quickly before needing to reload. This feature provides continuous fun and excitement, keeping you engaged in battle. The rotating drum ensures you can keep your opponents on their toes with rapid-fire action.

Includes 8 Nerf Elite Darts

The Nerf Elite Quadrant Twin Pack comes with eight official Nerf Elite darts, providing ample ammunition for extended play. These high-quality foam darts are designed for accuracy and durability, ensuring reliable performance during every battle. The included darts give you plenty of firepower to keep the action going.

Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Play

Whether staging an indoor ambush or taking the battle outside, the Nerf Elite Quadrant blasters are versatile enough for any environment. Their compact design makes them easy to use in confined spaces, while their powerful performance ensures they can hold their own in outdoor skirmishes. These blasters are perfect for encouraging active play and sparking young Nerf warriors’ imaginations.

Technical Specifications:

  • Blaster Type: Compact, 4-dart rotating drum
  • Included Darts: 8 official Nerf Elite darts
  • Firing Mechanism: Manual priming handle
  • Blaster Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 2 inches (each)
  • Weight: 1 pound (each)

Why Choose the Nerf Elite Quadrant Twin Pack?

The Nerf Elite Quadrant Twin Pack is the perfect choice for anyone looking to double the fun and excitement of their Nerf battles. With two compact and powerful blasters, 8 Elite darts, and easy-to-use features, this twin pack provides everything you need for action-packed play.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor battles, the Quadrant blasters are versatile, reliable, and ready to deliver hours of fun. Grab a friend, load up your blasters, and prepare to dominate the battlefield!

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