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Featuring a Fortnite-inspired design, pump-action soaking, and easy fill-and-fire mechanism, this durable water blaster is perfect for outdoor garden fun and intense water battles.

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Nerf Fortnite HG Water Blaster

Get ready to dive into thrilling water battles with the Nerf Fortnite HG Water Blaster! Perfect for outdoor garden fun and intense water fights, this water blaster is designed to replicate the excitement of Fortnite in real life. Inspired by the popular video game, the Nerf Fortnite HG Water Blaster captures the look and feel of in-game equipment, making it a must-have for fans and water warriors alike.

Fortnite-Inspired Design

The Nerf Fortnite HG Water Blaster is a replica of the equipment used in Fortnite, bringing the virtual world into your backyard. Its authentic design and vibrant colours make it instantly recognisable, adding fun and excitement to your water battles.

Pump-Action Water-Soaking Fun

Experience the power of pump-action soaking with this impressive water blaster. Pump the handle back and forth to unleash a torrent of water on your targets. The front of the blaster moves back and forth as you pump, providing a dynamic and engaging water fight experience.

Easy to Fill, Easy to Fire

Designed for convenience and ease of use, the Nerf Fortnite HG Water Blaster is simple to fill and fire. Just open the cap, fill the tank with water, close the cap, and you’re ready for action. Keep moving the handle backwards and forward to deliver a continuous blast of water, soaking everyone in range.

Durable and Reliable

Built to withstand intense water battles, this blaster is made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. This robust design means you can enjoy countless hours of fun and excitement without worrying about wear and tear.

Perfect for All Ages

The Nerf Fortnite HG Water Blaster is ideal for water warriors of all ages. Its user-friendly design and lightweight construction make it easy to handle, ensuring everyone can enjoy the fun. Whether you’re a seasoned water fight enthusiast or new to the game, this blaster promises endless entertainment.

Key Features:

  • Fortnite-Inspired Design: Authentic replica of in-game equipment.
  • Pump-Action Soaking: Dynamic pump-action handle for powerful water blasts.
  • Easy to Fill and Fire: Simple operation for continuous water action.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last through intense water battles.
  • Fun for All Ages: Lightweight and easy to use for everyone.

Transform your water battles. Its authentic design, powerful pump-action, and durable build make it the perfect choice for any outdoor adventure.

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