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Designed for the Nerf Pro Gelfire series, this refill pack includes an 800-round high-capacity hopper for quick swaps in the heat of battle. Suitable for players 14+, these rounds transform into soft, bursting projectiles for a clean, fun experience. Essential for serious players, ensuring you’re always ready to dominate the game.

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Nerf Gelfire Hopper

An indispensable asset for any Nerf Pro Gelfire enthusiast. This replacement hopper and its colossal 20,000-dehydrated round pack. It is designed to keep you ahead in the game, ensuring you’re always ready for action. Brought to you by the Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park. This pack is not just ammunition; it’s your ticket to prolonged, uninterrupted fun and strategic gameplay.

  • Boundless Ammunition: With 20,000 rounds at your disposal, you’re set for countless hours of gameplay. Just add water, and you’re ready to engage.
  • 800-Round High-Capacity Hopper: This quick-swap feature lets you stay in the action longer. Reload swiftly to maintain your competitive edge.
  • Soft, Impactful Rounds: Transformed into super-absorbent polymer projectiles, these rounds promise a satisfying burst upon impact, enhancing every battle with no need for cleanup.
  • Strategic Advantage: Ideal for players aged 14 and up, this refill pack emphasizes strategy and excitement, allowing for seamless, uninterrupted play.

This essential refill pack offers a vast quantity of rounds. The quality and convenience significantly enhance your gameplay experience. It’s perfect for those serious about maintaining their competitive edge and ensuring their team is always battle-ready. The Nerf Gelfire Hopper is more than an accessory; it’s necessary to dominate the field with superior performance.

Key Features:

  • 20,000-dehydrated round pack for endless gameplay.
  • Innovative 800-round high-capacity, quick-swap hopper.
  • Rounds grow with water, bursting on impact for mess-free fun.
  • Designed for enthusiasts aged 14+, enhancing strategic play.

Prepare for extensive outdoor gameplay and ensure uninterrupted fun with this essential refill pack.

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