Nerf Pro Gelfire Ghost Bolt Action Blaster

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Fire hydrated Gelfire rounds at an astonishing 200 feet per second from a 100-round hopper for relentless gameplay. Safety gear included, no batteries needed. Ideal for teens seeking a competitive edge in outdoor battles. Get ready to experience the pinnacle of Nerf innovation!

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Nerf Pro Gelfire Ghost Bolt Action Blaster

Proudly brought to you by the Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park, where innovation meets adrenaline. Designed for the enthusiast craving speed, distance, and an all-encompassing battle experience, this blaster sets new standards in high-performance gameplay.

  • High-Velocity Fun: With the capability to launch rounds at speeds up to 200 feet per second, the Ghost Blaster is in a league of its own.
  • Ultimate Ammunition: Prepare for action with 5,000 Nerf Pro Gelfire dehydrated rounds, transforming into high-velocity projectiles that burst on impact for a mess-free battle.
  • Continuous Gameplay: The 100-round capacity integrated hopper ensures your game remains uninterrupted, keeping you in the action longer.
  • Safety Comes First: Equipped with protective eyewear and a trigger lock, the Ghost Blaster is committed to safe and enjoyable play for teenagers and beyond.

This no-battery-required, ready-to-play blaster measures 6.6 x 60.96 x 28.58 cm and weighs 499 grams. This blaster combines ergonomic design with formidable performance, promising comfort and victory. Ideal for competitive spirits aged 14 and up. The Nerf Pro Gelfire Ghost Blaster isn’t just a toy; it’s your ticket to dominating the field with precision and power.

Key Features:

  • Launches rounds at 200 feet per second for unparalleled velocity.
  • Comes with 5,000 hydratable Gelfire rounds for continuous fun.
  • 100-round hopper for non-stop action.
  • Includes safety gear and trigger lock for responsible play.
  • Nerf Pro Gelfire Ghost Bolt Action Blaster

No assembly or batteries are required. Protective eyewear included.

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