NERF Rival Fate XXII-100 Blaster

This breech-load, single-round blaster features an adjustable rear sight, optimised barrel, and high-velocity firing at 90 feet per second. Includes 3 NERF Rival Accu-Rounds for unmatched accuracy and performance.

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NERF Rival Fate XXII-100 Blaster

The NERF Rival Fate XXII-100 Blaster sets a new standard for accuracy and performance in Nerf battles. This blaster has advanced features and cutting-edge technology and is perfect for players who demand precision and reliability. Whether aiming for victory in a competitive match or enhancing your Nerf skills, the Fate XXII-100 Blaster delivers unmatched accuracy and power.

Key Features:

  1. Most Accurate NERF Rival System: This blaster is part of the most accurate NERF Rival system, featuring an adjustable sight, optimized barrel, and NERF Rival Accu-Rounds. These enhancements ensure advanced precision, making every shot count.
  2. Breech-Load, Single-Round Blaster: The Fate XXII-100 Blaster uses a breech-load system, allowing you to load a single round quickly and efficiently. The priming T-bar and trigger lock provide smooth operation and safe handling.
  3. High-Velocity Firing: This blaster can fire rounds at a velocity of 90 feet per second, ensuring your shots reach their target with impressive speed and force.
  4. NERF Rival Accu-Rounds: The blaster includes 3 NERF Rival Accu-Rounds designed for maximum accuracy. With their advanced aerodynamic design and dimple pattern, these rounds offer consistent flight and enhanced performance.
  5. Adjustable Rear Sight: Customize your aiming experience with the adjustable rear sight. Slide it back and forth to align with the front edge-glow sight, allowing for perfect shot alignment and increased accuracy.
  6. Optimized Barrel Design: The streamlined barrel is engineered to enhance the blaster’s performance, ensuring that every shot is powerful and precise.

Technical Specifications:

  • Blaster Type: Breech-load, single-round
  • Rounds Included: 3 NERF Rival Accu-Rounds
  • Loading Mechanism: Breech-load
  • Firing Velocity: 90 feet per second
  • Sight: Adjustable rear sight and front edge-glow sight
  • Barrel: Optimized for performance
  • Safety Features: Trigger lock

Perfect for Accuracy Enthusiasts

The NERF Rival Fate XXII-100 Blaster is ideal for Nerf enthusiasts who prioritise precision and performance. Its advanced features and high-quality design make it a must-have for any serious Nerf player. Whether perfecting your aim or competing in high-stakes battles, this blaster ensures you hit your target with every shot.

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