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This blaster features a moving nozzle for a wavy water stream and an impressive 887 ml tank capacity. Easy to fill, pump, and blast, it’s perfect for garden water games and outdoor fun. Drench your opponents with this exciting water toy!

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Nerf Wave Spray Super Soaker

Get ready for the ultimate garden water fun with the Nerf Wave Spray Super Soaker! This innovative water toy blaster is designed to blast an enormous, wavy stream of water, ensuring your outdoor games are exciting. With its unique moving nozzle, the Wave Spray Super Soaker creates a dynamic, wavy blast that soaks your opponents quickly.

Moving Nozzle for Wavy Water Fun

The standout feature of the Nerf Wave Spray Super Soaker is its moving nozzle, which creates a cool, wavy motion as it unleashes water. This enhances the fun and makes it harder for your opponents to dodge the soaking stream. Whether you’re having a garden party or just enjoying a sunny day, this feature adds a whole new level of enjoyment to your water battles.

Impressive Tank Capacity

Never run out of water during a battle. Its tank holds up to 887 millilitres (30 fluid ounces) of water, giving you plenty of soakage power. Open the cap to fill the tank, pump the handle backwards and forward, and prepare to drench everyone in range.

Easy to Use

The Nerf Wave Spray Super Soaker is designed for simplicity and fun. Filling the tank is a breeze—open the cap, fill it with water, and close it tightly. To start blasting, pump the handle backwards and forward. It’s that easy! This straightforward operation makes it perfect for kids and adults, ensuring everyone can enjoy the fun.

  • Tank Capacity: 887 millilitres (30 fluid ounces)
  • Nozzle Motion: Creates a wavy stream of water
  • Operation: Fill, pump, and blast
  • Material: Durable plastic construction
  • Range: Drenches opponents from impressive distances

Perfect for Outdoor Water Games

Transform your garden into a water battle zone. It’s the perfect addition to any outdoor activity, providing endless fun for kids and adults who love water pistols and garden games. Whether hosting a summer party or looking for a way to cool down, the Nerf Wave Spray Super Soaker delivers wild fun.

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