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NIKA ARCHERY Carbon Arrows x 12

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This set of 12 arrows boasts robust carbon construction, easy-to-track coloured fletching, and replaceable nickel-plated tips for sustained use. Perfect for improving your accuracy in both practice and competitive settings.

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NIKA ARCHERY Carbon Arrows x 12

The NIKA ARCHERY Carbon Arrows x 12 are meticulously designed for novices and experts. This set of twelve arrows is engineered for superior performance and versatility and is suitable for recurve compounds and longbows.

Robust Build Quality:

Crafted from high-quality carbon, each arrow ensures remarkable strength and longevity. The arrows maintain a consistent 30-inch shaft length, ideal for various archery styles and techniques. With a spine rating of 500, these arrows offer the perfect balance of flexibility and rigidity, enhancing your shooting accuracy.

Technical Specifications:

  • Outer Diameter: 7.8mm
  • Inner Diameter: 6.2mm
  • Fletching: Durable red and white coloured plastic vanes are designed for optimal flight correction and high visibility in any environment.
  • Tips: These 100-grain nickel-plated stainless steel tips feature a screw-in design for easy replacement and versatility in use.
  • Nocks: They are user-adjustable and replaceable, allowing for customization without the need for glue and facilitating easy adjustments and repairs.

Enhanced Features:

The arrows’ coloured fletching enhances visual appeal and functionality by keeping the flight path straight and true. This design feature makes the arrows easily locatable in varied terrains such as grassy fields and forests. Each pack includes twelve arrows complemented by six additional nocks at no extra cost, emphasizing durability and value.

Safety & Value:

These arrows are crafted to prioritize safety, making them an excellent choice for beginners and those new to hunting or target practice. The construction quality prevents frequent breakages, offering a cost-effective solution for extensive practice sessions.


Whether aiming for a bulls-eye in target practice or gearing up for a competitive event, the NIKA ARCHERY Carbon Arrows deliver the performance you can trust. They combine advanced construction with practical features to cater to all your archery needs.

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